In the episode or Nickelodeon's Rugrats "The Sky is Falling", there is an end-of-the world scene which parodies Mad Max 2. They are heading down a road in the desert towards and abandoned city. Their vehicles are engineered out of other things (cribs, etc...). One of the characters, Chuckie, it piloting a GyroCopter and is dressed very similarly to the gyro captain (leather cap, shirt, tan colors). 


The opening scenes of the parody look desolate.

A shot showing how the character costumes appear similar
to those in Road Warrior.  Tommy, right, has another similarity
in that the jacket he is wearing has only one sleeve.

Chuckie, dressed similar to gyro captain, piloting the gyro/tricycle cross.


The hybrid vehicles. Notice that two of the characters are dressed
very similar to vermin, and others have similarities with Max - you can
see the single shoulder pad poking through the jacket for instance.



For pictures and info thanks to Chris Painter.

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