Badge and Gun

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Pictured below is the Japanese-made airsoft/b.b. gun made by Hudson Industry Co. of Tokyo. These used to be fairly readily available from various stores around 2000 - at this point, I have not actually seen them for sale online anywhere in a while Your best bet would be to search on ebay. Note that they have previously been sold by Fantasia Toys, and also Monsters In Motion. You could try checking their web sites, but I saw no listings on either site last time I search there (early 2009).

The gun came in two styles, a ST (standard) version which has a faux wood plastic stock and a DX (deluxe) version which features a wood stock. Note that in later pictures I have seen of this product, the barrel tips appear to be bright orange. I am guessing this was a manufacturing change at some point to make it appear more like a replica.

Note: please be aware of your local laws concerning the use or shipping of replica guns if attempting to purchase one of these.

Replica Parallel Barrel Sawed-Off Shotgun
A replica sawed off shotgun

Dave Boboc:

"The gun has some weight to it, almost like a real gun, (to me at least). The barrels are plastic, and the simulated wood pieces (which have a very real looking "grain"). The rest of it is metal. I can't tell if the info that came with the gun says anything about it being a licensed product. There is a brochure that shows other guns they made (very real looking, too), and on the other side of the brochure are some very detailed diagrams of the gun, essentially showing every part it's made of. I think it also illustrates how to disassemble it, also. It does seem pretty close to the original, the only thing I would think it might need is a maybe a thin white piece between the butt of the stock and the black piece that's used to cap off the butt of the stock."

For another review, check out the web site. Note that, despite the review, I could not find the gun for sale on their site either. If anyone finds someone selling these online, please just let me know.

For those interested in aquiring a real shotgun, or just identifying the Mad Max shotgun, Paul Reasoner recommends Stoeger's coach gun.

Stoeger or IGA Coach Gun

MFP Badges

There have been several people and companies to make replica badges over the years. Some examples can be found on the badges and logos page, please note that not all of these are currently for sale. The two that I know of that are currently available for purchase online are the MFP Clothing Branch badge, and the abbyshot badge set. For other badges, you might also try searching ebay, or you can also check out the badges page at If all that fails, also try searching or asking on the discussion forum - plenty of people on there have purchased the various replica badges over the years, and a handful of people on there have even replicated some, or would know where to currently buy them.

The MFP Clothing Branch in Japan sell a metallic replica MFP badge for about US$230 (please check their web site for current pricing and availability). Note that the picture below is a prototype - originally the badges were going to be sold in this ID wallet, but the production units ended up shipping with a badge holder instead due to costs. Their web site currently (March 2009) offers a resin version of this badge for US$44, plus shipping.

MFP Clothing Branch Replica MFP Badge
MFP Clothing Branch Badge

abbyshot sell a Mad Max badge set, as pictured below. The list price at their web site is US$43 (as of March 2009). Note that they also have a listing for a Mad Max jacket at their site.


Empire Kollectables/ Empire Enterprises used to sell the replica badge pictured below, as well a shotgun replica. I do not have any current contact details for these items.

Empire Kollectables Replica MFP Badge


For info thanks to Dave Boboc & Peter Barton


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