The most notable thing about Adrian's car is that he is based in Yorkshire, England, making it probably the only replica in the UK. The Falcon was purchased from Terry James,, and imported in May 2001. Adrian purchased the front end, roof spoiler, arches and side pipes from Martin Mack at Advanced Spoilers. The front end was a perfect fit, but the roof spoiler was originally for a van, so it had to be cut and chopped and re-fibreglass. The rear arches Adrian was sent he believes were front Torana arches, but served as a good base. Adrian can be emailed at Also check out his earlier effort, a Yellow Interceptor based on an a Datsun.

Below is the finished car (November 2002), here's what Adrian had to say:

Here's the finished car, after 18 months of late nights in the garage and many hours on the web site searching for information to help with the project - it's finally ready for the wastelands of west Yorkshire. The second screen, this time supplied by GPT1 from the forum, arrived thankfully this time in one piece and was VERY carefully fit by ZIGGY from Bradford glass, the first and probably the only Falcon Coupe he'll ever work on.

Here's the car as it looked in late September 2002. All the car was waiting on was for the windscreen to arrive.

Here's the car as it looked in August 2002

Here's the falcon as it looked in July 2002 - at this point it just needed the blower, wheels, windscreen to fit, and hood to paint.

Below are some early pictures from April 2002.

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