Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Vehicles
Aunty's Vehicle

AuntyInAction.jpg (57003 bytes)
As seen in the film, with Tina Turner at the wheel

Yes, Tina Turner is actually at the wheel of this vehicle for many of the scenes in the film, there is no stuntman controlling her actions from behind the scenes here. The only real problem she had was that all of the vehicles were built with manual transmissions - and she could only drive an automatic! But they fixed that problem easy enough for her, converting this vehicle over to an automatic for her.

AuntyLeftSide.jpg (39504 bytes)
Melbourne Motor Show, 1985
Thanks to Gordon Hayes


AuntyFront.jpg (27091 bytes)
Motor Show again, this time from the front
Thanks to David Margerison


AuntyLeftRear.jpg (36651 bytes)
One more picture from the side, at the Melbourne Motor Show
Thanks to David Margerison


Sydney Motor Show, 22-Oct-1985
Thanks to Chris Stratton


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