Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Cars and Vehicles

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Vehicle listing:

(Note: Where a vehicle is linked, there is a sub-page for that specific vehicle).

Mad Max Interceptor Black Mad Max Interceptor
Ford Falcon XB Coupe, V8 351 - Check the History of the Mad Max Interceptor sections for more detail.
Wez Kwaka Wez
A Kawasaki Z-1 900 or 1000 (made up to look like a Suzuki Katana, 1100cc, 1981 model, which was new at the time).

Apparently this bike can be seen at Planet Hollywood in New Zealand (as of 2001), if anyone can get some pictures, please send them along. I've also had people mention that this bike features in Planet Hollywood in Aspen, Colorado (as of about 1995). Perhaps the bike was moved, or maybe it's a duplicate that is still there - again, if anyone can get any info / pictures, please let me know.
Mad Max Landau Black pursuer in opening chase
A Landau, similar to a Falcon XB, but released as a luxury model under the LTD banner, and not marketed as part of the Falcon range.
Mad Max Dune Buggy The dune buggy which Max mops up petrol from
A VW based modified "sandrail" kitcar, utilising an early (possibly late 60's) VW single axle drive train and suspension. Of course, vehicle might also have been scratch built without this kit...
Mad Max Mack The Mack
A Mack R600 COOLPOWER (apparently NOT an Econodyne as previously listed).
Mad Max Gyrocopter The Gyrocopter
The Bus
The compound gate is a Commer school bus.
The white car at the front gate of the compound (when Max is looking through binoculars)
VF Valliant. This later gets swiched for the wrecked Landau.
The red car the bloke jumps into and tries to, to have a go at the Mack, but ends up careering off into a truck
Valiant Charger.
The truck that the mechanic is working under
1950/51 Chevy towtruck. Someone else says it's a '68 Chevy towtruck?
The big red and white station wagon
An old Ford Customline.
Car with the dart gun in the rear, and a bat painted on the bonnet / hood
1973 Valiant VH coupe, with either a 318 or 360 engine. Apparently it is a Pontiac GTO front - anyone have more specific info on this? Note that I previously had this listed as a Valiant Regal, and this apparently is wrong (there were no 2 door regals), see for further info.
The pink vehicle
A 1959 Desoto, the grille being the main item that specifically identifies it as a 1959. For an example, see this page (they also have a 1958 example for comparison).
Humungous' truck
A modified F100
Truck with cobra doors, and boat windshield
Another F100, 1970's model.
Mad Max Lone Wolf Machine Pappagallo's vehicle
Looks to be very much custom built, with two Ford 351 engines.
Mad Max Red XA The red car which gets wiped out after the driver is shot
Early 1970's XA Falcon or Fairmont Coupe. It would be either a 302 or 351 V8 engine. (Note that the taillights, doors, etc are XA. The grille and front guards are XB, probably due to the spoiler work, but the base car would almost certainly be an XA).
Black and white police car
1974 ZG Fairlane, with LTD front guards from the same year. The grille has been modified however, and would seem to be a grille from a 1953 Buick Roadmaster (visually it is a perfect match). The bonnet seems like it might be an XA bonnet.
Vehicle with open engine bay at front
The rear appears to be a 1974 HQ Holden Statesman, with half the roof chopped out, and all the front panels removed. Only the radiator and radiator support panel are left at the front, and the engine has a 6/71 supercharger on it.
Mad Max Monaro A Holden Monaro can be seen in the final chase, it's a red car with a weird custom front, and an opening in the roof. Someone said the grille looks like a 1940's Chevy grille? Someone else thought it was a grille from a Ford Mk 1 Zephyr (English car), but that one has been disputed, so it seems not. Someone else suggests a 40's Buick.
An LC/LJ Holden Torana can be seen in the final chase, which has been modified into a Speedway car.
The bike and sidecar which Wez gets a ride in
Yamaha XS1100E.
Other custom vehicles / dune buggies: Many were apparently VW based. Probably mostly similar to the dune buggy listed above, although I don't really know much specific info about them.


Does anyone know where any of these vehicles are now? Obviously a large number of them got trashed, but it looked like a few survived intact. Plus someone might have even kept the wrecks for, or restored the others. Any info would be appreciated, please contact me if you know more about this.

There were once some vehicles on the back lot of MGM Studios in Florida claiming to be Road Warrior vehicles, but they don't look authentic to me. See the sub-page on the MGM vehicles for some pictures and more info.

For further information on Australian vehicles, you might try some of the car pages referenced from my Mad Max links page.


For vehicle info thanks to:
Christopher Tsorotes, Michael Gleeman, "VW Scat", Nick Frame,
Ken Ranlet, Andre Narbonne, Brendan McLean, Robert Lunaburg,
Brian Haines, Dave Parker, Mick Corr, Jack and Michael at Gleeman,
Brendan McClean, Evan Hillman, Kyle Kriebel and Jason Anzbock.

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