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The Mack Truck

What's wrong with this picture?

The truck is a Mack R600 COOLPOWER (NOT an Econodyne as previously listed). An Econodyne Mack was released in 1981 USA 1982 Australia.

An Econodyne has an intercooler in front of the radiator, and 1 aircleaner. A coolpower has an aftercooler mounted to the side of the cylinder head, and uses a tip turbine fan to boost and ram air over this aftercooler. It uses 2 air cleaners and sometimes had vertical bar shutters to open and shut in front of the radiator to maintain proper temperature.

The R Series cab was used until 1990 or 1991 only.

The engine could have been either 285 , 300 ,320 or 350 Horsepower , depending on fuel pump , injector and turbo combinations.

Based on the pic on the site of the truck with the door ripped off , this truck cab is early 1970's up till about 1978 , as it uses the old style roof clearance lamps.

A big thanks to Michael from Gleeman Truck Parts for all of the above info.

TruckAttackFilming.jpg (19579 bytes)
Filming the attack on Max in the cab

The above image shows the filming of the marauders attacking Max in the cab of the truck. The truck has various crew rocking on it to give a sense of movement, while being filmed from an angle that hides the fact that everything is in fact stationary. George Miller is on the left in the red jacket.

A final note, apparently the close up shot of the radiator being shot by the Humungous during the rig delivery is actually of a different Mack truck front entirely - the truck front shown in the close up is apparently from an earlier model Mack than the main truck.

For further Mack info and merchandise, you might try visiting (as well as Gleeman Truck Parts, mentioned above).


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For Mack info, thanks to:
Michael from Gleeman, Grant Hodgson, and "VW Scat".


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