Mad Max Cars and Other Mad Max Vehicles

A quick list of what vehicles were used:

(Note: Where a vehicle is linked, there is a sub-page for that specific vehicle).

Mad Max Interceptor Black Mad Max Interceptor
Ford Falcon XB Coupe, V8 351 - Check the Mad Max Interceptor History pages for a LOT more detail.
Yellow Pursuit (Big Bopper)
Ford Falcon XB sedan, V8 302, 1974 model
Yellow Interceptor (March Hare)
Ford Falcon XA sedan, 6cyl, 1972 model
Yellow Interceptor (Max)
Ford Falcon XB sedan, V8 351, 1974 model
Holden HQ Monaro, two door, V8, 1972 model
Motorcycle pursuit (Goose / Gosling 1)
Kawasakai 1977 KZ-1000
White car which Goose jumps over at petrol station
XK Falcon
Tow trucks at petrol station
Various F Series Ford trucks.
Car next to tow trucks at Fat Nancy's
Modified HJ Holden
Blue van that gets hit and spun around
Mazda Bongo Van
Car towing the caravan
XK Falcon
Bike Goose is riding with his leg in a cast
I have been told this is a Kawasaki KH250, from approximately 1975 (not a Kawasaki H2 750 European triple two-stroke from 1973, as was previously listed). Apparently the gap between the cylinder head and the tank on the 250 is much smaller due to the engine size, and the emblems appear to read KH250 on DVD. See a detailed page on the KH250 here.
Toecutter's gang
Kawasaki KZ-1000, Z900 (Johnny the boy, also the burnout / wheelie bike in town), SOHC Honda CB750 / CB900.
Car which is hacked to death by the Toe-Cutters gang
'59 Chevy Impala
Nightrider's Coffin pickup truck
Probably a `77 yellow Chevy K10 (4 wheel drive, based on the height of the truck). Looks like a longbed with short Cab, a right hand drive US model. Could also be a K20 or K30, although difficult to distinguish.
Trike in scene before Max / Goose find the Impala
Honda CB750 engined trike, SOHC, made between 1969 and 1978.
Fifi (Max's boss)
Buick Riviera, most likely a 1974 to 1976 model (cars afer 1976 were built on a smaller chassis, and were substantially smaller). You can tell it's a Riviera by the tailight lenses. The Riviera shared many parts with other Buick models, ie: drivetrain, suspension, underbody components and some external bodywork but the tailights, front and rear end caps, trim and grille work were unique to the Riviera. The tail lights have a Riviera logo on them (a capital "R" inside an oval) which is the most obvious.

For some more info on Buick Riviera's in films, try RivGrrrl's Buick Movie Page.

District Attorney
Lincoln Continental, built somewhere between 1976 and 1978 (again, an American car, right hand drive)
At the nightclub where the Goose is
Outside, where Johnny is mucking around with Goose's motorbike, an EK holden can be seen.
The car that Goose flicks the antenna of when he's walking to his bike in the parking lot
1969 Pontiac GTO (US car).
Car Johnny the Boy is waiting in
XK Falcon sedan.
Ute which Goose Rolls and gets Incinerated in
EJ Holden
Max's Panel Van
1975 Holden HJ Sandman, the front having been replaced with the front from a Statesman.
The Blue hot rod behind the guy talking on the phone after Max and Jessie find the hand
1934 Chevrolet.
Ambulance taking Jessie / Sprog to Hospital
Ford F100, V8 2V 351, 2WD, early 1970's.
Car being dropped on the mechanic
1936 Chevrolet 2 door Town Sedan.
White ute, where Johnny the Boy is stealing boots (final scene)
XW Falcon, 1969 vintage.


Does anyone know where any of these vehicles are now? If so, please contact me! It seems that most vehicles weren't really damaged in the film, and might still be around somewhere. This is especially true for various hotrods and custom vehicles that were seen at various points - surely some of these are still around! Even any additional pictures or information on some of these custom vehciles from the time of the film would be of interest, old magazine / newspaper articles, photos at car shows, etc.

Also, although I've got most of the main cars listed above, this is still an incomplete list, please feel free to contact me if you've managed to identify anything else.

For further information on some of the vehicles listed above, try some of the car pages referenced on my Mad Max links page.

Mad Max Interceptor
"Speed is just a question of money... how fast can you go?"

For car information, thanks to:
John Grimm, Nigel Hodgetts, Kieron Murphy, Marcin Olczyk,
L. Hendry, "VW Scat", Robin Sjöström, Scott Harris, Mick Corr,
"Mystery Rob", Juz Moz, Brendan McClean, Bob Campopiano,
Travis Rowan and Lars Arne Stenberg.

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