Mad Max Spoofs & References

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In Movies

  1. True Romance - "Mad Max: THAT'S a f*ckin' MOVIE." (Quote from Brian Christgau.)
  2. Weird Science - Vernon Wells did a hilarious cameo as a Wez-like character who crashes a party with his fellow mutant bikers.

In Television

  1. F/X: The Series - There is a guy running from the police in a New York City bus. A good guy cuts him off at the pass with a radio controlled monster truck, which happens to be yellow. While the bus is racing at the monster truck which is idling in the street, the driver of the truck says "You wanna get outta talk to me." Then he hits the gas, and peels out towards the oncoming bus. While racing towards the bus, he yells "I am the Night Rider!" They both cut the wheel at the last moment, and the bus hits a parked car, rolls and bursts into flames. (Quoting Gene Bosche.)

In Cartoons

  1. Rugrats ("The Sky is Falling") - Imagining what the world would be like if the sky fell, Angelica sees herself roaming the earth on a bike while Chuckie flies about on a gyroplane, as in the world of The Road Warrior. (From Walter Velez.)
  2. The Simpsons ("Lemon of Troy") - In a secured car impound lot, the children of rival town Shelbyville circle the stolen lemon tree on bikes, while the children of Springfield watch helplessly through binoculars. Obviously, a nod to The Road Warrior.
  3. The Simpsons ("Bart Sells His Soul") - In Bart's nightmare, Jimbo and his piggybacking soul shout, "Master Blaster!" (From Mike Faerber.)
  4. The Simpsons ("Bart vs. Australia") - When an enraged Australian mob chases after an unrepentant Bart and Homer, a Wez-like biker and other Road Warrior denizens are among the angry citizens. One biker even bounces off the gate of the American embassy. (From Mike Faerber.)

In Music

  1. The song Wasteland, from Billy Idol's CyberPunk album, includes samples of The Humungus from Road Warrior. The credits read as follows: "Wasteland" contains excerpts of dialogue used under license from the motion picture "The Road Warrior" courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. (c) 1982 Kennedy Miller Entertainment Pty Ltd. (From Scott McCoy.)

In Music Videos

  1. The set of Doctor Dre and Tupac's California Love (1996) looks a lot like Thunderdome. (From Joe Della.)
  2. In one part of Phil Collins' 1985 video Don't Lose My Number, the artist is dressed like the Road Warrior, "driving that Mack truck trying to evade a bunch of hoodlum bikers" (I'm quoting Joe Della.).

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