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My name is Mugino Saeki, but call me Mug. As hard as it may be to believe that a testosterone-challenged female might enjoy something like Mad Max, it is true: Mug is a woman! Don't believe those other sites that refer to me as a "he"!

As a movie buff and an avid Net surfer, it's a blast to find fan pages of the movies I love. So, it was terribly disappointing to come up short in my search for Mad Max sites. Too impatient to wait for someone else to make the page I wanted, I took the plunge and made my own (June 1996).

I've made considerable changes since then, thanks in part to the feedback of dedicated Mad Max fans and the graphics contributions of my dear friend Java. I can only hope that the site will improve with age.

A Note About E-Mail

I welcome contributions and compliments (of course!) but due to the overwhelming volume of mail I've been getting, please don't be offended if I can't respond. In particular, I cannot follow up on any requests for material. Write to amuse@cam.org


March 9, 1997 - My life has been in disarray for the last few months, as I finished my Master's thesis, got my M.Sc. degree, and began a new full-time job. Not to mention the other site I am trying to rev up: AMuse Entertainment. So, I ask for your patience as I attempt to update the site very sloooowly.

Jan. 6, 1997 - A pleasant surprise: this site was awarded the Best of Internet Award (in the "movie" category) by Up2Day.

Jan. 3, 1997 - This URL was submitted to New Riders' Official WWW Yellow Pages, Starting Point and a variety of other search engines.


Please note that all material available here is copyrighted by its respective author or artist, and is strictly for non-commercial home use. Also note that we created original graphics for this site (such as the oft-borrowed title on the main page), so please inform us if you choose to use them on your page. Thank you.

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