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Just a year ago, there were only two Mad Max sites (the FAQ and the now defunct Interceptor Page). Nowadays, people write in to inform me of their new Mad Max pages, much to my delight. Keep up the good work 'cuz I still want more URLs!
  1. Ken Sanes' Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: Salvaging the Future is a thoughtful, deeply analytical essay that discusses the rich ideas and symbolisms imbedded in the third Mad Max film. My personal favorite.
  2. AMuse Entertainment is a cinema site that I'm working on with a friend. Our first subject is Mad Max, of course! Take a look!...Please? Thanks!
  3. The Mad Max Page by Peter Barton, author of the excellent (and fast-growing) Mad Max FAQ. The FAQ is available here, and it has EVERYTHING you could possibly think of, including news about the proposed fourth movie and TV series, plus awesome trivia.
  4. Alex Maddison's fascinating Mad Max Chronology, which can be found in the FAQ, is also available in HTML format.
  5. The Dan Man vs. Mad Max Page includes an amusing list of "Things We Learned" from the trilogy.
  6. Ed's Mad Max Page
  7. The Ultimate Mad Max Page
  8. Gene Bosche's Mad Max Page has pics of the restored Interceptor that used to be on the Interceptor Page, plus large scans of some cool Mad Max posters.
  9. Glenn's Mad Max Page
  10. A Road Warrior Review

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