Mad Max IV


The Hollywood Minute (June 19, 1996)
from CNN correspondent Dennis Michael

"There will be no debut of Mad Max. Daily Variety says plans by Warner Brothers domestic television to create a syndicated action series based on the Mad Max movies have been canceled."

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The Hollywood Minute (January 15, 1996)
from CNN correspondent Dennis Michael

"Mad Max toys? The Hollywood Reporter indicates a line of toys based on the Mad Max franchise is headed for the toy stores. The road warrior will be back on both the big and small screens as well, as Warner Brothers is planning a fourth movie, as well as a syndicated television series."


The Hollywood Minute (November 7, 1995)
from CNN correspondent Dennis Michael

"Mad Max is returning from beyond Thunderdome to television. Daily Variety reports the film series is going to be re- tailored into a weekly syndicated adventure hour. The film's director, George Miller, will work as producer and director, but no cast has been chosen."


Terry Hayes : (Oct. 1985)

"If the story was good enough to be worth it, yes, we would do one. It's two years of your life to make a film. [...] Two years is not something to be squandered lightly. But if we can't, well, I'm not going to have any regrets."

"If there was ever going to be a Mad Max IV, we would have to take into account what has occurred to Max in [Mad Max III]. You couldn't suddenly revert back to having him as a closet human being. He would have even more vitality than he has in this one. He has an affection about human beings again, and there's no doubt that he has clearly proven himself to be a compassionate man."

George Miller : (Sept. 1985)

"[Reminded that he had doubted that Mad Max II would happen] I guess I would have to give the same answer about a Mad Max IV now."

"[About Max's future] I just think he goes on to do other things."

Mel Gibson : (Aug. 1985)

"I wouldn't do [another] Mad Max film no matter what. It would definitely have to be something that was going somewhere else."

Tina Turner : (July 1985)

"I would love to [return for Mad Max IV]! Maybe, this time, I would get to kill Mel!"

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