'It's about the stranger who brought us here...the man we lost. And every night we come light the beacon for him--'cos we know he's out there somewhere...and there'll come a night when he's coming home...'

421 marauders

Sign the Guestbook IS A Clan web site, from the game Counter strike based off of the movie mad max.
[R-W]Road_Warrior <>
pamona, CA USA - Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 13:19:22 (EST)
I perused some of the entries of the 421 marauders and I saw the accolades that were put forth about what an excellent.I however don't understand where the "site" is other than the list of accolades. Bear in mind I am new to this and would like clarification.
Mighty Omungus <>
BrockVegas, Ma. USA - Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 18:39:03 (EST)
The mad max movies rule they are the best. I like anything mad max. I also like to talk to other mm fans.
tommy <>
WV US - Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 12:06:16 (EST)
Nice Website... Anybody ever been to Thunderdome in Cebu City Philippines?
Danno Junge <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 12:09:41 (EST)
Love the site and love the trilogy!!
Melanie <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 12:04:11 (EST)
This site is the best. Long live Max!!!!!
Joel <>
Fl. U.S. - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 05:40:11 (EST)
Cool.. Bring on MAD MAX 4..!!!!!!!!!!
Chris <>
Hancock, Me USA - Sunday, January 13, 2002 at 15:39:46 (EST)
I saw all the MAD movies mate...coool!!! Why did Steve Bisley Have to go to Water Rats?? He looked much better on the BBQ!! And how come TT did nuffin since MM3? Did Ike bash her again? Or is she dead for good this time? & Angry ! Was he in the plane with Shirl??? I hope so!!! Can't wait for MM4! Mels too xy so it better not be shit!! Say hello to George for me (OOOps) ARIVERDERCHI!!!
The Toe Painter!! <>
Sydeney, NSW OZZIE MAAATE!! - Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 23:06:29 (EST)
SHAFT and MAD MAX are my favorite movies from the 70's. This site is done quite well. If anyone has any good pictures of small video clips, send them to my email address. thanks
Brendan Silveira <>
Glendale, Oregon USA - Tuesday, January 08, 2002 at 15:13:13 (EST)
this film is bang on of the best films i have eva seen on an skale of 1 two 10 it has to be an 9 and a half!!!
james lines! <>
hull, england - Tuesday, January 08, 2002 at 07:30:47 (EST)
this film is bang on of the best films i have eva seen on an skale of 1 two 10 it has to be an 9 and a half!!!
james lines! <>
hull, england - Tuesday, January 08, 2002 at 07:30:44 (EST)
this film is bang on of the best films i have eva seen on an skale of 1 two 10 it has to be an 9 and a half!!!
james lines! <>
hull, england - Tuesday, January 08, 2002 at 07:30:00 (EST)
this film is bang on of the best films i have eva seen on an skale of 1 two it has to be an 9 and a half!!!
james lines! <>
hull, england - Tuesday, January 08, 2002 at 07:27:55 (EST)
i have always dreamed of building an inteceptor but unlike the movie actually putting in an injected quad overhead cam 4.6 litre v8 from and american ford and setting up a centrifical driven supercharger that you can switch on or that would be an inteceptor!!!!!
daniel j <>
perth, wa australia - Monday, January 07, 2002 at 02:03:44 (EST)
Max is the man!I don't own an MFP style Falcon but I do own a custom 79 KZ 1000 like the ones Toecutters gang used.I'm just waiting for the 'pocylypse!See ya on the roads.
Johnny Rocker <screaminskull@hot,>
ATL, GA USA - Thursday, January 03, 2002 at 16:41:54 (EST)
Cool site man,,enjoyed reading the info you have posted,,very well put together:)
Valkor Vlad
Regina, sask. Canada - Thursday, January 03, 2002 at 11:47:56 (EST)
Nice site, but how about an update?!?! Your links page is all dead man!
Johnny The Boy
- Thursday, December 27, 2001 at 11:10:47 (EST)
Cool site * Max's iris is damaged in the 3rd from the crash in the 2nd THAT'S DETAIL!
London, ONT Canada - Monday, December 24, 2001 at 14:58:35 (EST)
Great site, really well thought out. We'll put a link to you on our site right away.
Yodasnoog & Ada-Padz <>
UK - Monday, December 24, 2001 at 03:38:17 (EST)
Dont forget this name it will be famous one day !
Guffogg <mguffo@aol>
Wakefield, United Kingdom - Tuesday, December 18, 2001 at 06:47:39 (EST)
it is verey good
peter carr <>
brisbane, townsville australia - Monday, December 17, 2001 at 19:29:04 (EST)
it is very good
peter carr <>
brisbane, townsville australia - Monday, December 17, 2001 at 19:28:23 (EST)
Any further information you may get about the movies or especially the car please email asap Thanks
Linzi Wearne <>
Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Friday, December 14, 2001 at 16:04:30 (EST)
Great site, i was wondering if anyone could help me find out if anyone has ever tried to mix mad max and a kinda dungeons and dragons ish game before me, if they havent im gonna get rich, Rich i tells ya!
Clarky <>
Leeds, England - Thursday, December 13, 2001 at 08:25:03 (EST)
today 6/12/01 i saw on the dance channel a music video that as alot to do with max.EXCELLENT STAFF.good tune. to check it out keep eye on it from 7.00pm till 6.00am
u.k. - Friday, December 07, 2001 at 05:58:17 (EST)
mad site, needs more photoes
sketchy <?>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Sunday, December 02, 2001 at 19:25:10 (EST)
Mr. Bojangles <>
Pucking, Drunk in toleit - Friday, November 30, 2001 at 06:53:44 (EST)
this site is cool
bob james <>
houston, tx U.S.a - Friday, November 30, 2001 at 06:51:27 (EST)
great site really shows the best of mad max
dave duggan <>
southampton, hampshire england - Wednesday, November 28, 2001 at 06:13:33 (EST)
when is the directors cut for the road warrior.due out. how about the next mad max movie? its time...
mark wyatt <>
raytown, mo U.S. - Thursday, November 22, 2001 at 13:07:53 (EST)
What a great site! I've watched all 3 "Mad Max" movies since I was a little kid. My friend Greg Mendoza and I rented them every time we would go to his cabin in Pinetop, AZ with his parents. Each movie has such great stunt action, costume design, sets, and writing. I remember wanting one of those crossbows that attatches to your forearm. Mel Gibson plays such a great character in all 3 films. I love the part in "The Road Warrior" when the guy in the hockey mask is inroduced as, "The ayatolla of rock n' rolla!". I don't think that they should make a fourth film, it's more fun to just imagine what Max ends up doing for the rest of his life. Every great film has that little bit of mystery in it. And congratulations for creating such a detailed site! Good job!
Paul <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Wednesday, November 21, 2001 at 21:54:06 (EST)
This single entry will be lost in a massive guestbook like this, but as an eternal Mad Max fan (Getting a Falcon Coupe Imported to UK and took to banger/stock car racing) I feel its my duty to enter... MAD MAX FOREVER
Mad Cas
- Monday, November 19, 2001 at 15:49:48 (EST)
His name was Jim the goose,larger than life and twice as ugly!!I have all the movies and wouldnt trade em for anything!!
Jason Gordon
Whyalla, s.a S.A - Sunday, November 18, 2001 at 15:13:47 (EST)
THE ROAD WARRIOR is the best action movie of all times MAX against WEZ ;that is the clash of the titans!
WEZ <>
chalindrey, 52 france - Sunday, November 18, 2001 at 07:18:50 (EST)
Right from the wastelands this is a great site. What about Mad Max 4 ????? I know he is still out there we need max, revive the interceptor.
Matt <>
wasteland, America - Thursday, November 15, 2001 at 05:59:10 (EST)
Mad max rules. I like the post apocalyptic atmosphere and the kawasakis in mad max 1 are the bomb.
FallouT <>
Leiderdorp, ZH the netherlands - Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 23:09:04 (EST)
Hi,MM1 und MM2 waren die eindrucksvollsten Filme meiner Jugend. Als angehender KFZ-Techniker bin ich immer auf der Suche nach technischen Details des Falcon und des Kompressors. Über den Falcon hab ich schon einiges zusammengetragen(gab es auch Linkslenker?). Über den Kompressor weiß ich, daß es ein Weiand-Modell ist,welches im Film leer, und original nicht zuschaltbar war. Gibt es technische Literatur zu diesem Konzept?(zuschaltbare Kompressoren, kann auch in Englisch sein).Außerdem suche ich die beiden MM1 und MM2 Filme in ungekürzter Version auf DVD oder besser als CD-ROM. Freue mich auf Tips, Gedankenaustausch...
Carsten <>
Dresden, Germany Sachsen - Friday, November 09, 2001 at 05:34:46 (EST)
Killer site,one of the best MadMax site's I have seen so far , keep up the good work
Bill <>
USA - Monday, November 05, 2001 at 02:19:09 (EST)
It's good to see so many people interested in the greatest Australian movie's ever.But please note that the second movie is MAD MAX II,only called The Road Warrior in the USA. For those of u confused about the car,it is an Australian Ford Falcon Coup,not any sort of American hybred.Anyway your interst goes to show they are the greatest two movies ever made.[Beyond Thunderdome doesn't count,they killed the INTERCEPTER]
Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA - Saturday, November 03, 2001 at 19:27:02 (EST)
No one ever knew that Mel Gibson was the best actor that ever lived. No one else could show the emotion he does in all his movies. He is a fine man too. Enormous amount of children and faithful to his wife. He is the idol of America. The best tough man to ever grace Holywood and the most talented actor I've ever seen. Long live the "Roadwarrior".
jamen mull <>
geronimo, tx usa - Saturday, November 03, 2001 at 17:30:10 (EST)
Hi! Could somebody help me to find the Death Rall full version. Or, could someone send it per e-mail!! Thanx
TheDragon <>
- Friday, October 26, 2001 at 18:10:32 (EST)
Hey, Marauders... just enjoy my MAD MAX 3 site...CRACK IN THE NET, devoted to Thunderdome and the whole Mad Max Universe. You will not be disappointed at all. Pics, trivia, timelines, TONS of fan fiction, insights, a section on the M.F.P Police and an huge collection of files on ALL Max's villains throughout the series. See you later !!!!!!!!!
Uncle Entity <>
Bartertown, - Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 03:10:10 (EST)
mad max 2 est le meilleur de la série,"le chirurgien""bubba" "entité"et"acier"sont des rigolos comparés à"humungus"et "wez" pour moi wez est l'ultime "bad guy" du cinéma.aucun autre personnage ne m'a autant impressionné depuis
wez <>
chalindrey, france - Tuesday, October 16, 2001 at 00:31:58 (EST)
most of these sites suck. not enough bikes.
grace don't have one - Saturday, October 13, 2001 at 06:18:07 (EST)
I was hopeing for a lot more pictures. What you need is lots off wallpaper pics. Funny to read about the movies from people from other country's other than Australia
Nugget <>
adealaide, SA Australia - Friday, October 12, 2001 at 18:27:55 (EST)
i wont picture of the movie
andres <>
bs as, argentina - Tuesday, October 09, 2001 at 11:49:51 (EST)
Very good site... Very complete... I urge all the Mad max movies fans to visit it.
NANCY, France - Monday, October 08, 2001 at 21:17:40 (EST)
This is one wicked website, i love the films and i love the story filled with all its sadness and ideas of futility and bravery its awesome. I want to know what happens to Max in the end though....i hate how you never find out, although it leaves it all to your imagination. My websites not finished but do check in. wayne
Wayne Woodgate <>
Lowestoft, Suffolk UK - Monday, October 08, 2001 at 03:37:29 (EST)
mad max 2 is the best
Jon Smoother <>
Wollongong, New South Wales Australia - Sunday, October 07, 2001 at 08:27:29 (EST)
Road warrior is the best of the three.
- Sunday, October 07, 2001 at 07:42:27 (EST)
you people think my home state is a wasteland,so screw you and visit the place first
monkey <>
austin, tx usa - Saturday, October 06, 2001 at 04:02:19 (EST)
Please HELP can anyone tell me where to get a copy of especially MM1....... and the rest of the series as well VHS........... or even DVD would be better. In or near Sydney........thanks!
Andy <>
Sydney, NSW - Friday, October 05, 2001 at 19:28:40 (EST)
hey man! what's up? just checked out the MAD MAX site and I must say I'm quite impressed! THE ROAD WARRIOR has been one of my all time fave. flix since 1982! My ex-(former)best friend & I used too dress up like Max & The Gyro Captain, watch the movie alot as well as listening too the soundtrack and a copy of the movie he put on audio tape! It's amazing how many flix are/were inspired by T.R.W.(EXTERMINATOR 3000,FIST OF THE NORTH STAR anime & t.v. series,WARRIORS OF THE WASTELAND,etc. This is probaly my favorite movie as I never get bored with it and have watched it many many times! Keep up the great work on this site and keep your weapons loaded,your fuel tanks full and Keep the Filth!!!
B.C.A. <>
spokane, wa. u.$.a. - Thursday, October 04, 2001 at 18:31:08 (EST)
Hi Alex, good to find the site is still around. I enjoyed the visit. To the guy wanting to find an Interceptor, drop us a line. Grant Hodgson and myself build them. All the best. Gordon Hayes.
Gordon Hayes <>
Perth, WA Australia - Friday, September 28, 2001 at 21:21:36 (EST)
I want to find an interceptor, like the one in the movie.
shaun <>
- Tuesday, September 18, 2001 at 15:08:50 (EST)
Marco <>
Oberstdorf, germany - Saturday, September 15, 2001 at 21:43:10 (EST)
A most informative site for the true "Mad Max" fan!
Robert Bates <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Sunday, September 09, 2001 at 01:17:55 (EST)
I just love the Interceptor!
Crank <>
Parkersburg, WV U.S.A. - Friday, September 07, 2001 at 11:53:22 (EST)
MAD MAX was the best movie what I saw , and probably the best I will see, congratulations for youre site, maybe someday we will see the road warrior in the highways.
marcelo eggeling <>
santiago, santiago chile - Friday, August 31, 2001 at 11:25:56 (EST)
iLUV it
Sik Mik <->
perth (WA), WA aus - Wednesday, August 29, 2001 at 18:12:55 (EST)
The Mad Max Series is one of my favorites.
Mark Hetle <>
Sykeston, ND United States - Wednesday, August 29, 2001 at 04:48:07 (EST)
Hi, does anyone know who played Goose as stuntman (when he makes the long burnout and later crashes), i have one name and i just wanna know if it´s the same as yours out there! MVH Tony
Wild & Yr <>
Bergen, Hordaland Norway - Friday, August 24, 2001 at 09:59:56 (EST)
Max is the greatest hero of all. The best parts of the movie are when he doesn't say a word at all, the nod to Papagallo before they launch the run from the camp, the look he gives to Savannah before he punches her, and the longing look he gives to those on the plane before he drives off in front of them to clear them space. "Now I say we stay here, live a nice long time, and we be thankful, okay?" Mad Max 4 : Return of the Road Warrior, I hope it happens!
Josh Duckworth <>
Allentown, PA USA - Wednesday, August 22, 2001 at 13:52:08 (EST)
I love these movies! They just made me want to go to Australia even more. Well I finally did go and I rented a camper van and drove from Brisbane to Sydney in '95 . I just kept thinking what would I do if confronted by marauders along the coast road. I can drive pretty good on the left but I sure as hell can't shift worth a damn with my left hand! I had to remember "Keep Left, Look Right...Or Die!!!" Excellent website by the way. The Aussies shall inherit the earth. And when they do, they have some pretty cool looking cars. BTW if you are curious about what kinda cars those were, check out
Scott Thompson <>
Portland, OR USA - Thursday, August 02, 2001 at 04:56:06 (EST)
Guttenberg , NJ USA - Wednesday, July 25, 2001 at 11:28:35 (EST)
I don't have anything to say
Paul J Nieder <>
Greenville , PA USA - Wednesday, July 25, 2001 at 07:27:59 (EST)
Great site!! I really enjoyed the timeline.I'd love to find the paperback novel's from the first two movies.
Tim Gazaway <>
Atlanta, Ga. U.S.A. - Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 06:11:43 (EST)
This was by far the best thing Mel Gibson ever did !!
Lionheart <davidwarming>
Melbourne, Vic. Australia - Thursday, July 12, 2001 at 20:35:47 (EST)
jumanah wazzan <>
kuwait city, kuwait - Thursday, July 12, 2001 at 14:22:54 (EST)
Great site! I`m from finland and like to buy MAD MAX 1, but where can I get it?
oulainen, oulu finland - Tuesday, July 10, 2001 at 20:47:44 (EST)
Does anyone know the name of the song or who wrote it, that Steve Bisley (Goose) sings while he's on his motorbike i the desert? It has the lines... I la-la love,to play-lay-lay, my ol-ol-old banjo, and rest it on my knee, and now-now-now the strings are all broken,and its no good to me....I took it to the banjo shop to see wht he could do,and now-now-now the string are all fixed up and its as good as new-new-new-new etc We've re-recorded it for an amatuer c.d. and need the details to put on the cover.Its too hard to read the credits on the video!!! CAN YOU HELP ANY OF YOU MOVIE BUFFS ?.......
Ian Siemonek <>
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Monday, July 02, 2001 at 15:58:13 (EST)
Great site!!! For all those interested, go to for the chance to order Mad Max One on DVD, it's got the original Australian Soundtrack. I've just ordered mine, my VHS tape is stuffed!!! Max Lives On.!! Oh, and GO THE FORDS!!
XR8 <>
Tannum Sands, QLD Australia - Sunday, July 01, 2001 at 01:46:59 (EST)
Hi all, so how do I get to the rest of the site? we are also currently building another TWO replicas, one two door, and one Four door. all the best Grant
Grant Hodgson <>
australia - Saturday, June 30, 2001 at 20:03:13 (EST)
great site, I too have a v8 interceptor, any one have info on aussie ford 351c engin parts let me know thanks
doug baker <>
newmilford, nj usa - Monday, June 25, 2001 at 13:44:22 (EST)
Check it out my site...CRACK IN THE NET, enterely devoted to "MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME" and the whole Max's universe !!!!!!! Pics, fan fiction, trivias, and a section on the legendary M.F.P Police !!!!!!! There is no Tomorrow-morrow land...but CRACK IN THE NET !!!!!!
The Knowby Warrior
The Wasteland, - Thursday, June 21, 2001 at 07:22:21 (EST)
Can someone please tell me what Vernon Wells (Wez) is now, and what he is doing?
Bones <>
- Wednesday, June 20, 2001 at 16:10:56 (EST)
magote <>
pari, persin france - Sunday, June 17, 2001 at 21:47:05 (EST)
damn im drunk but check it out im watching mmad max 2 right now as i type and it kiks ass as always its my fav damn can i find tha keyboard but any ways my fav part of madmax2 is tha end when ghyro saves tha day when ya think he is a pussy and he ends up saving tha day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
orange goblin <damn is it hot in here?>
palmer, alaska mad - Sunday, June 17, 2001 at 19:59:05 (EST)
The MAD MAX trilogy is some of the best movies in the world and so is this site.
mikethemac777 <>
Kissimmee, FL USA - Sunday, June 17, 2001 at 13:57:10 (EST)
O.k. it says on the Mad Max video that it is a post nuclear time so how does a war happen in the second Max. If the nuc was dropped prior to MM 1 it would more explain the passing generations on Captain Walker passengers.
Jax, FL USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 10:21:15 (EST)
Tell me this how did ww3 happen in Mad Max 2 when it says that it's a post nuclear time in Mad Max. Good site.
- Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 11:50:59 (EST)
This is cool
Chris Gutierrez <>
Oak Harbor, W.A. U.S.A. - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 06:06:08 (EST)
Ton cite est très cool. Salut
Gérald <>
FRANCE - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 00:54:51 (EST)
TON <>
conty, ca us - Monday, June 04, 2001 at 08:22:27 (EST)
Hey!!!!!This site is awesome.I am a big Mad Max fan, Ihave Mad Max(the film that started it all),The Road Warrior,and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I dont know what it is about Mad Max but the movies are awesome. I wish to go to Broken Hills someday and see where they filmed The Road Warrior which would be in my opinion one of the best honors in the world ,but with all that aside this site is the best and i say keep up the good work.
Rico Hasty <>
Thomasville, GA United States - Monday, May 28, 2001 at 12:15:22 (EST)
Speed is just a question of money! How fast do you wanna go??
Clinque <>
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Saturday, May 26, 2001 at 05:30:58 (EST)
THis site Proved my friends wrong There are more than 2 Mad Max movies. Tanx
rowan <>
bouthat, nsw Australia (best god damn one) - Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 21:07:57 (EST)
flatmax <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 20:26:40 (EST)
Mad Max is cool
Stefan Lindberg
Fredikstad, Norway - Monday, May 14, 2001 at 05:12:48 (EST)
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Jockface mc fuck <>
- Friday, May 11, 2001 at 17:32:54 (EST)
this place s cool
Mad Kev <>
- Wednesday, May 09, 2001 at 02:15:30 (EST)
I have no comments
- Sunday, May 06, 2001 at 05:25:09 (EST)
Is there any truth to a fourth installment in the series. By the way great website.
Michael Del Pizzo <>
Norcross, GA U.S.A. - Saturday, May 05, 2001 at 05:11:08 (EST)
You have one thing wrong, the Nightrider's name was Crawford Montizano. But the rest was all right.
Tim "Max" Koenig <>
Turtle Lake, Wi United States - Friday, May 04, 2001 at 05:46:45 (EST)
Hello. Have Just found your web site and am very impressed. I have been a fan of the films since they were first released, hard to believe it was over 20 years ago. Nice to know there are others out there, will talk again....................See you. John.
John Hill <>
Watford, HERTS England - Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 19:59:59 (EST)
nice site anyone with info about the falcon xb (getting one in the us) don't keep it to yourself
pat <>
merrick, ny u.s.a - Monday, April 30, 2001 at 15:49:00 (EST)
Martin <>
SYD, NSW AUST. - Monday, April 23, 2001 at 10:32:15 (EST)
The lord Humungus, the Warrior of the waste land,the Atola of rock and rolla.Says hello and give me that big fat tank of gazoline!!
oshkosh, wi usa - Monday, April 16, 2001 at 07:51:57 (EST)
took me a long time to find a good MM site this is the ultamite MM sie the links are the best, and i found all i need to know @ the BLACK INTERCEPTOR on the MM memorabelia site- history of the interceptor. i will recomend this site to all my cohorts, now i have a ground zero to start my americanized build of the interceptor!!!! beware road scaggs.
jeff "hadjii motto" wiski <>
phila, pa usa - Thursday, April 05, 2001 at 00:08:38 (EST)
mmm <mm>
- Wednesday, April 04, 2001 at 09:13:57 (EST)
oh my god! what the heck happen? "I DON'T MAN, I JUST GOT HERE MYSELF!"
renegade <>
elgin, texas u.s.a - Monday, March 26, 2001 at 08:29:38 (EST)
id like to join , i love to ride , so how about it
clint long < >
cedar hill , tx us. - Saturday, March 24, 2001 at 03:15:20 (EST)
Great site! Some of you guys should also check Lots more info there too. Seeya in the wasteland!!!
Johnny The Boy
- Thursday, March 22, 2001 at 14:16:54 (EST)
Love the site, it's mad!
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 15:04:25 (EST)
I love motercycles they have bin in my live evre since I can remember.I think its in the blood my fother hase has bikes since he was 18..
Frankie Lacayo <>
Miami, FL USA - Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 01:38:41 (EST)
This is a awsome site!
Dave <>
Bruxelles, MB Canada - Sunday, March 18, 2001 at 04:22:11 (EST)
Great information, I own all three books and even without the extra literatur I would never have put together a timeline such as this. Anyone who wants to drop me a line( or
Jay leavings <>
Sterling, Ct USA - Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 16:36:43 (EST)
hey get back to me and be sure to send me some pictures of fast mustangs (cars)
david bollinger <>
okemos, mi united states - Friday, March 16, 2001 at 01:39:00 (EST)
Great site. I just got back from watching the undubbed version of Mad Max at a local theatre, and I must say the dubbed version is a piece of poop! Great job on the website though.
Pip <>
Portland, OR USA - Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 19:23:18 (EST)
I am an absoulutely mad fan of mad max and i would like lots of pictures of the movie. I would also like to make the car so do you have any old copies of the building plans of the interceptor please THANKYOU!
Shane Mohr <>
young, N.S.W Australia - Monday, March 12, 2001 at 14:50:45 (EST)
Love the site mate. I've never seen anybody try to sort out the tangled time-line of this trilogy but this is a great effort. Nice one!
Ben Crump <>
London, England - Monday, March 05, 2001 at 02:45:40 (EST)
i dont know i havent seen it yet
pooh <sugargirlstokley>
silas, al us - Friday, March 02, 2001 at 16:36:26 (EST)
can i wach the movies on thi site
mervan <mero@ptt.yu>
novi pazar, yu yu - Saturday, February 24, 2001 at 10:10:12 (EST)
If only Y2K would have panned out......
sungod <>
Las Vegas, NV Ground Zero - Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 21:03:15 (EST)
This site is DEMENETED! I love it...
Philadelphia, PA U.S.A. - Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 15:43:18 (EST)
just want too take a look around.If you don't drive a mopar don't start the journey!
lisa gulley <gulleylisa>
connersville, ind U.S.A. - Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 13:15:37 (EST)
SLOW-KANE , WERSHINGTON USofA - Monday, February 05, 2001 at 03:26:46 (EST)
ariel <>
sdf, df sdfd - Saturday, February 03, 2001 at 09:00:08 (EST)
i cant find what im thougt was in hear why?
chritina walls <chris-tlove>
garland , tx usa - Thursday, February 01, 2001 at 10:38:26 (EST)
Where can I find replicas of Mad Max's Sawed off shotgun
Tony <>
Pensacola, FL USA - Saturday, January 27, 2001 at 13:31:30 (EST)
Where can I find replicas of Mad Max's Sawed of shotgun
Tony <>
Pensacola, FL USA - Saturday, January 27, 2001 at 13:31:18 (EST)
Great site in honor of one of the greatest tragic heroes in sci-fi film history. If you love Mad Max you should check out the games by Interplay called "Fallout" & "Fallout 2" (with part 2 being the better part). Why? Basically it's the computer game of Mad Max. In the second game you salvage a car and drive around the wasteland ridding it of scum. Apart from that, you would probably find it nostalgic that when you wear leather clothes the character looks exactly like Mad Max. :) Enjoy!
Ignacio Rodriguez-Trelles <>
Miami, FL USA - Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 12:37:17 (EST)
SYDNEY, NSW AUSTRALIA - Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 19:31:56 (EST)
i like this site really well
selina holman <>
wabash , IN north america - Monday, January 15, 2001 at 18:07:29 (EST)
An age old question from someone who's desire for owning a car like in the movie haunts him. What kind of car was it?!!! What kind of engine was used. I know an engine won't run without the blower turning. All I know is that it was a Ford of Australian decent. Please correct me if I'm wrong though. Waiting patiently.
Rob Jones <>
phx, az united states - Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 12:40:14 (EST)
Carl Kupselaitis <>
East Stroudsburg, Pa U.S.A - Saturday, December 30, 2000 at 03:03:27 (EST)
Enter in THUNDERDOME LIVE (Click on my name),totally devoted to "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome". It contains data,pics,trivias,facts,Cool cool pics,sounds,fanfic,chronologies...and an huge section dedicated to the legendary M.F.P squadron !!!!!!
Jay Rambo
- Friday, December 29, 2000 at 09:06:42 (EST)
MILDURA, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA - Sunday, December 24, 2000 at 13:59:03 (EST)
i am the lord of the wasteland; whatever exists here is mine...
Lord Humungus <>
pretoria, gauteng south africa - Saturday, December 23, 2000 at 18:45:49 (EST)
i was looking for real life specs on the v8 interceptor. Anyone know?? What the car really is, and more advaced stuff like the blower and engine specs if anyone knows. Thanks. Mad Max Rules
allan <>
usa - Saturday, December 23, 2000 at 04:42:19 (EST)
I want to buy the original first film on dvd . I need region 2 . any ideas chris
chris cole <>
newmarket, england - Friday, December 22, 2000 at 18:39:10 (EST)
Alan <>
woodbridge, va us of a - Thursday, December 21, 2000 at 01:32:17 (EST)
Enter in my site !!! THUNDERDOME LIVE !!! Dedicated to MM3 and the trilogy...
The Knowby Warrior
- Saturday, December 16, 2000 at 06:46:52 (EST)
well constructed site. wainting for beyond the thnderdome
richard wilmot <>
Cape May Court House, nj USA - Sunday, December 10, 2000 at 00:56:28 (EST)
you will know the vengence of the lord humungus
fgfg <fgfdg>
dgf, gf USA - Saturday, December 09, 2000 at 11:07:10 (EST)
THunderdome site coming soon : A site devoted to the best one in the great trilogy...MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Knowby Warrior
- Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 12:06:15 (EST)
Im 15 and cant get enough of madmax. Infact it has sparked a post apocalyptic desire that I always have. It influences my art and writting. I think this and blade runner are the two best movies ever made with dark city right up in there. These movies lift us from are petty socialistic lives and show us a darker but perhaps more beautiful world more true to human nature. All these movies apply to the laws of history unlike are destructive society, if you live in the u.s. which is a historical phenomena. If you agree or know of any other cool sci-fi stuff id be interested in email me please. Oh yeah awsome site.
highrise <>
- Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 16:15:15 (EST)
When will this movie be produced?
Temil Lass <>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 15:25:11 (EST)
Coupes are boss
Daniel bassett <bassy302>
brookton, WA australia - Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 14:01:47 (EST)
i think mad max would have been better with a gtho phase 3
Anthony pollino
bacchus marsh, australia - Thursday, November 16, 2000 at 17:58:03 (EST)
Com certeza o melhor filme de todos os tempos
Flávio Alencar
Brasília, DF Brazil - Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 14:36:02 (EST)
Another lost soul in search of the stranger... What a Story Who wouldn't love this flick??
Rob Wheeler <>
Newport News , Va United States - Thursday, November 09, 2000 at 02:50:58 (EST)
Thanks for this; I've found it immensely entertaining and useful. I'm using Mad Max beyond Thunderdome as an example in a teaching session on global eudcation. You wouldn't beleive how much material I can get out of it. Rob :-)
rob parsons <>
Ringmer, E Sussex UK - Monday, November 06, 2000 at 07:24:15 (EST)
Alex !!!!!! Yo're returned !!!! Wow !!!!! My MMBT site will be ready soon !!!! I hope you could link it,i will do the same !!!!!!
The Knowby Warrior
- Saturday, November 04, 2000 at 21:27:44 (EST)
vorrei dei video su mad max
Marco Direttore <>
NAPOLI, iTALIA Napoli - Sunday, October 29, 2000 at 07:39:04 (EST)
vorrei dei video su mad max
Marco Direttore <>
NAPOLI, iTALIA Napoli - Sunday, October 29, 2000 at 07:39:00 (EST)
Thank God I find a site about the greatest movie already made
Gustavo Nicola <>
Santo Andre, Sao Paulo BRAZIL - Saturday, October 21, 2000 at 07:32:38 (EST)
great flicks obvious' i on' know the name of the song at the end. HELP?
jimmyt <>
near seattle, us - Sunday, October 15, 2000 at 10:24:11 (EST)
great site
grant williams <>
shrewsbury, uk - Tuesday, October 10, 2000 at 08:36:16 (EST)
best movie ever made long side the 2nd one.dont you just love the car
vic carroll <victor1 carroll2>
cork, ireland - Friday, October 06, 2000 at 06:06:55 (EST)
madmax i love ur movie and i think its a realty for me and i think ur out there somewhere mo......
mo <>
london, uk - Wednesday, October 04, 2000 at 07:22:18 (EST)
Mad site, love the history of our future part. Was quite chilling reading it!
Chris Evans
Northampton, England - Monday, September 25, 2000 at 07:10:47 (EST)
I was looking for info on Tina Turner, but followed a link to this site and spent the evening here instead! Great stuff. I'll come back again soon.
Tony Skrebys <>
Trowbridge, Wilts U.K. - Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 07:35:00 (EST)
Help...I'm trying to win an arguement with a friend. I say that the first time the phrase "last of the V8's" when reffering to Max's interceptor is in the first film when he first sees the car in the basement of the police station. My friend says it is use in the second film when the mechanic on the hoist removes the detonation device from max's car in the compound Help to prove me right Thanks Dave
Dave <>
Manchester, UK - Tuesday, September 12, 2000 at 23:28:01 (EST)
Great site. Want to swap links?
Michael D'Amico <>
Hillsdale, NJ US - Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 11:52:21 (EST)
Hey whats up? Man the Mad Max movies rock!!!!! 4 thumbs up. The coolest movies. And I'm get those new action figures. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Boy!!!!!!!!!
D Guillory <>
Alexandria, VA USA - Friday, August 18, 2000 at 12:12:05 (EST)
Hey whats up? Man the Mad Max movies rock!!!!! 4 thumbs up. The coolest movies. And I'm get those new action figures. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Boy!!!!!!!!!
D Guillory <>
Alexandria, VA USA - Friday, August 18, 2000 at 12:12:02 (EST)
For all the fans...all the three movies RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Max the legend.
Verona, Italy - Friday, June 02, 2000 at 04:39:16 (EST)
the MAD MAX series... ohhhh, it's my warm place. a nuclear holocaust thrown in betwixt the orginal and the sequel; it doesn't get any better than that. i want to see more post-apocalyptic movies of this caliber.
mivy <>
usa - Wednesday, May 31, 2000 at 10:35:00 (EST)
atreyus max <>
isernia, italy molise - Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 06:35:38 (EST)
This site is wonderful! I am Italian, and I saw, Mad Max (Interceptor in Italy), and Mad Max 2 - Road Warrior (Interceptor - Il guerriero della strada). These movies are fantastic and ace! I liked much Mad Max because Mel Gibson in 1979 was still young and more serious than now. Bye Bye
Mauro <>
Rome, Italy Europe - Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 06:15:22 (EST)
I'm a huge fan of the princess Tina Turner...what i can say 'bout the greatest trilogy i ever seen ?? cool site,man,very cool site !!!! Ain't we a pair,raggedy man ? Ya.
Frankie the "acid"
L.a, America - Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 02:26:13 (EST)
can any one tell me where to find merchandice for the movie mad max 2. ive always wanted a poster because ive seen the movie no joke over 200 times
lawrence <>
australia - Monday, May 29, 2000 at 15:53:26 (EST)
Nice site for a Great TRILOGY !!! Where's the Captain Walker?
Detroit, Michigan U.S.A - Monday, May 29, 2000 at 05:43:31 (EST)
MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME : This is one of the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL THE TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!. A must-see,a true classic (Just like "Road Warrior") .This flick is contested by some few MAD MAX purists and reviewers that obviously wanted a pale copy of the previous movie like third installement...The real point is that MM2 and MM3 are extremely different 'cause Max is a character in constant evolution, just like a real human being. "Mad Max beyond Thunderdome" is pure poetry mixed with conceptual violence and a lot of geniality.Sorry,but "Mad Max 2" is not so complete,and the first one is nothing more than a very good movie. In this third movie,we can see the ascension of the character and his real changing.Mel Gibson is wonderful.Tina Turner is unforgettable.The setting shows what's happened to Australia after that Nuclear exchange occurred few time before the "Road Warrior" ' events (in my own TIMELINE) .Forgive "Star Wars",this is the sole real TRILOGY !!!!!! The fight into the Thunderdome is the best action fightin' sequence i ever seen ! . The tribe of lost children is the masterstroke of this third chapter.The end is chatartic,awesome,incredible: Pure poetry... This is the best of series,a lot of fans think this.However,It was a very great box-office hit,the 21 th grossest film of 1985,Tina won the Naacp award like BEST actress,and the MAD MAX and ROAD WARRIOR/MM2 cult turned into a MAINSTREAM LEGEND thanks to this third chapter... In future,i'll build my OWN site on MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME...Later,men !!!!!!! P.s : I'm starting to love this site,Alex.You've reason,MAD MAX is setted in AUSTRALIA...Excuse me !!!!!
Tiziano Caliendo,a.k.a THE KNOWBY WARRIOR
Naples, Italy - Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 05:31:34 (EST)
Mad Max 2 is the greatest movie ever made, with the possible exeption of Blade Runner. The chase at the end of MM2 is the best piece of cinema ever. And as for Mel not starring as Max in MM4, there's really not much point in making it then, is there? Who's gonna replace him? Leonardo Di Caprio knowing the pricks in Hollywood. Let's keep it as a perfect TRILOGY, please. And has anyone got any ideas as to who The Humungus is supposed to be? He appears to be a survivor of burns. The Goose gone bad, perhaps? Anyway, great site, Long Live Max, the baddest bastard of them all.
Steve "Mudguts" Resin <>
Anarchy, u.k. - Saturday, May 27, 2000 at 12:51:39 (EST)
Do ya see me Bronze!? Do ya see man?...I am the NightRider...I'm a fuel-injected suicide machine...step up chum and lay a rubber road right to freedooooooooommmm. Keep it up Bro !!
Arlen <>
Fort Worth, TX - Friday, May 26, 2000 at 11:49:15 (EST)
hey, it's about time someone set the historical setting straight for me (even if it is best guess, it still makes more sense than what i got out of the flicks). good work!
rex basior <>
provo, utah usa - Friday, May 26, 2000 at 07:01:36 (EST)
max lives
carter lee <cart123948>
covington, la usa - Wednesday, May 24, 2000 at 12:42:41 (EST)
I'm happy to see that somebody cares about the great trilogy of Max. The chronology is really interesting (and gives useful setting to post-apocalyptic role playing games). Keep up the good work!
Michael Myers <>
Budapest, Hungary - Wednesday, May 24, 2000 at 09:29:36 (EST)
"MAD MAX beyond THUNDERDOME" is the greatest movie of all times.
Tiziano caliendo <>
Naples, Italy - Tuesday, May 16, 2000 at 04:29:07 (EST)
nice cite.
Amy <>
usa - Sunday, May 14, 2000 at 10:04:16 (EST)
best MM site
Jarrod Simpson <>
GooseCreek, SC 29445 usa - Sunday, May 14, 2000 at 05:17:51 (EST)
Mad Max 2 is the ultimate MM movie 3 was shithouse dont know why they made it. It has no charater of the MM movies. By the time i was 8 years old i had seen MM2 over 100 times when i had time off school plus the holidays! Made stuff knew the movies words off by heart, which use to annoy my mother no doubt!!!! I actually glad in a way that Mel isnt playing the part off Max as he doesnt have the heart for it. He has become a typical American actor (no offence to anyone out there) Plus if he thinks Aus is shit the he doesnt deserve to play an Aussie!My father's friend had an interceptor when he was a young bloke! Not to the tees as the real one, but ended up riding it off! damn. I am currently looking into creating one out of a XB fastback, but finances are a bit short at the moment. So when i finally start and finish it i will paste a few shots down for your site! I have heard of a graveyard with a few shells but apparently it is in a nature reserve (no digging). Anyway stay cool everyone! GMan
GMan <>
Canberra, ACT Australia - Saturday, May 13, 2000 at 09:06:18 (EST)
Mad Max.... those movies. I first heard of them only recently. I bought a version at Wal-Mart for 5 dollars... and it changed my life. I immediately went out and bought Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome. These movies are the BEST EVER MADE! Max symbolizes the anger in all of us that society forbids us to have. And if the roads do turn to battlefields, I wanna be with Max!
Terren <>
Richland, WA USA - Thursday, May 11, 2000 at 18:28:29 (EST)
Ok,baby,the very very boring Knowby Warrior is returned,and this is his own TIMELINE... ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- A FEW YEARS FROM NOW... A terrible ecological disaster has striked the global soil,with an infamous amount of "HARD RAINS",following the ever-increasing pollution...these hard rains ravaged a relevant part of the agricultural areas,and so the last chance to mantain the civilization is Industry. Australia is extremely invested by the hard rains,and the most important agricoltural centres enter in a decadence state.The areas interested by the famous "Transcon" turned into semi- desolate zones,infested by the ARMALITE GANGS.So,they 're declared off-limits,farm-houses are abandoned and people goes into the Great cities in search of work.The Prohibited areas are born... Armalite gangs :The new menace. Australian burocracy creates a new police force,sected into a lot of categories to face different problems : R.F.P (Raiding.Force.Police ;for the Great cities) ;M.F.P (For the highways that connect the small towns,surronded by Prohibited areas) ;other categories (!!!). M.F.P is supported by the V-8 PURSUIT,and later by the V-8 INTERCEPTOR. Then,the global tensions between two mighty powers turns into a strategical war,and there was the Oil-fields matter...this "strategical war" has an arrest,and the leaders of these powers start a lot of negotiations... Without the old time maximum amount of fuel,Industry sucks and...society becomes a rat circus. 1999 (Alternative universe) - MAD MAX Max is 25 years old. After... The OIL WAR APOCALYPSE broke out...and world was destroyed. No more cities. No more oceans. A small nuclear winter (Do you remember the Mohawker clothes,with all those furs ? ) 'cause the Australian Outback presence -it wasn't a target, just like Alaska,Sahara,etcetera - some australians (ONE MILLION ??) salved themself into the inner desert...but the whole Australia turned into an endless desert called "WASTELAND" !!!! . From this one million,only few (mutants) survive,men with a super-human inclination to the body resistence and an iron immunity... Max is alive... 2008 - MAD MAX 2 Max is 33/34 years old.For a low percentage of absorbed radiations,there is a small streak of white in his hair.He's a mutant. The greatern northern tribe discovers one of the last seas on the world. 2016- MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME. The end.
The Knowby warrior <>
Naples, Italy - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 03:48:02 (EST)
Mad Max has got to be without a doubt the best film ever made. When I hear the roar of the V8 engines I am In heaven. But the movies are so much more than that, they strike emotions in us which most movies fail to do. He will always remain in our memorys
perth, wa australia - Sunday, May 07, 2000 at 02:22:33 (EST)
- Friday, May 05, 2000 at 19:26:06 (EST)
hey crazy v8 wreckfuckers you all hate the beatle???!!!!! try 2 beat my beatle bitch a 595ci v-10 with a freaking big blower when i pull up with that baby the road just burns away see ya on the highway losers
willy <>
apingedam, holland - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 12:02:35 (EST)
i heard some rumours of mm4 mel will not play in it DAMN and they will go towards the fresh looking hero type with shiny hair white teeth you know the type DAMN i want the dirty mean looking tough guy in black leather and a big freaking hand cannon i hope these rumours wont come tru because that would suck
willy <>
apingedam, holland - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 10:57:02 (EST)
Yeh Mad Max roots little girls and flooseys
Gary J Gilett <>
Perth, W.A. Australia - Saturday, April 29, 2000 at 22:32:48 (EST)
This is all wrong. According to your figures the Night Rider was 3 years old when he died with his floosy. You are on some serious drugs or you hav'ent been born yet. My friend and i have seen the movie untold times since 1979 and we know that you are full of poo poo.
Gary J Gilett <>
Perth, wa Australia - Saturday, April 29, 2000 at 21:24:37 (EST)
can you believe they gave us a school assignment on mad max II? i can't. but they did. i'm not a fan. infact i could barely sit through the entire thing. anyway, your site helped me understand it. thanks.
janice <>
newcastle, nsw australia - Friday, April 28, 2000 at 14:25:12 (EST)
I have been one of the many Mel Gibson fans out there since I saw the very first Mad Max movie. Now I own all of them and have watched them so much that I know them all by heart! I also just really see Mel Gibson as a personal roll model for me to follow in,(his family life, the types of movies he chooses to make are all excellent, and enjoy watching the old THREE STOOGES episodes, etc.) Mad Max 1 is my alltime favorite because of how it tells us how Max became Mad, and I think that if that situation was brought upon any one of us, I would at least react the same way. anyway back to reality. this is an excellent site!! I own almost every Mel Gibson movie ever made, and try to follow his career as much as possible. Braveheart rules!!! but Mad Mad is an awsome piece of histoy!!!I always loved the car from MM1, and MM2, when it got wrecked in 2, I was torn. OK I've talked too much, I like your chronology of the MM! (How do we know thats not a dud?...We find out!! go go go)
John Mcdonald <>
algonquin, IL US - Wednesday, April 26, 2000 at 22:37:48 (EST)
The "BRONZE". They kill our "PRIDE".
USA - Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at 10:02:56 (EST)
Great Pictures and Chronology, Glad to to The Road Warriors Still out there and not only in my memorires...
David D. Clark <Preacher>
Pembroke, Pembs Wales - Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at 03:34:19 (EST)
Thank you for this site and a thought just came to mind! I think i connected with Max so much growing up because i did'nt have a father and i used his charector to fill the gap in my subconcious mind and in my heart. Thats it! well anyways thanks and no matter what happens in life, never give up the fight. Archie
Ventura, CA USA - Monday, April 24, 2000 at 03:08:39 (EST)
Nice site-listen: There is a computer game called Fallout, a post-nuclear role-playing game. In the game you find a dog in a city called Junktown that is like Maxs dog from MM2/RW. The description of the stranger that the dog comes into Junkown matches Maxs description from the end of Beyond Thunderdome: "..He had black hair, graying around the edges. He wore a leather jacket and carried a shotgun. That dog was his constant companion it followed him everywhere." " Then the stranger tried to stop Gizmos crooked casino operation. Gizmos men threw him off the top of the casino and the stranger broke his damnfool neck doing it. Now that dog won't go away..." This matches Mad Maxs appearance and armaments almost to the letter-the shotgun that is mentioned is a sawed off 12 gauge double-barrel that is almost exactly like Maxs-but there is no stock left, just the pistol grip-the leather jacket causes your character to take on an almost eerie resemblance to Mad Max, and the dog, Dogmeat is the name-takes a lot of punishment and kicks a lot of arse. I love Fallout and Mad MAx-they kick arse.. :D:D:D
The_Sabre <>
Charlotte, NC USA - Friday, April 21, 2000 at 21:41:29 (EST)
how about some pictures of toecutter and Humongous some of the best villians ever. you selfishly hoard your oil...
US - Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 08:31:35 (EST)
Great work on your site, man. Keep it up, cause as long as someone tells the tell, we 'members...Haha. Anyway, I liked the site.
The Wretched <>
Bethpage, NY 11714 - Monday, April 10, 2000 at 14:07:12 (EST)
It is nice to see someone appreciate this trilogy for its greatness. I fondly remember seeing Road Warrior for the first time in a drive in theatre, I was glued to the screen partly because of Max's amazing looks but mostly because it was like something I have never seen before.Im telling you it was magic. It is my absolute favorite movie the action is awesome as is the stories. This is a very cool site.
Franny <>
NJ USA - Saturday, April 08, 2000 at 12:21:42 (EST)
I would just like to say what a kool side you have here. The Mad Max stories are briliant, and the back stories you guys made are also very well done. Iam a huge fan. I hope one day people actually might write little novels about other Mad Max adventures, sort of like the "Star Wars" books. That would be kool. Anyway nice site and keep up the good work.
Tristan East <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Friday, April 07, 2000 at 13:12:12 (EST)
this site rocks but... I NEED pics of Lord Humungus
memphis, tn usa - Wednesday, April 05, 2000 at 13:01:16 (EST)
Im a great mad
Dave Hartley <>
manchester, england - Wednesday, April 05, 2000 at 10:40:01 (EST)
Im a great mad max fan and your site is very good for the hard core fan, its good to see someone put a lot of effert into a site such as this. Oh also if anyone knows or is selling a Ford Falcon could u please email me, i would be very greatful, cheers!!!
Dave Hartley <>
manchester, england - Wednesday, April 05, 2000 at 10:37:51 (EST)
DOONSID, N.S.W AUSTRALIA - Sunday, March 26, 2000 at 20:10:25 (EST)
Madmax isn't god but the god
Peter schow jensen <>
aarhus, Denmark - Saturday, March 25, 2000 at 21:28:11 (EST)
MadMax Is the bomb!!! Mad Max has changed the way I think bout the future. The Road Warrior is the best, and your site kicks!!!!!!!1
ca USA - Saturday, March 25, 2000 at 09:29:50 (EST)
Long time fan Called Toecutter because of an unfortunate freight loading trolley accident. Now [WK]Toecutter on Tribes Internet game Half Man half robot but still fuel injected suicide machine. The forbiden Zone can be found at Clear and Splash servers Only on TRIBES. Later Toecutter
Toecutter <>
Hamilton, NZ - Friday, March 24, 2000 at 16:20:10 (EST)
"I'm sick, see. Psychopathic." Great site. The chronology is fantastic!!!!!! Thanks alot for being online.
Mark McCollum <>
Sacramento, Calif. USA - Thursday, March 23, 2000 at 17:21:51 (EST)
nice site
max spriggs,II <>
Ft. Wainwright, Alaska USA - Thursday, March 23, 2000 at 12:32:45 (EST)
I live in MaryboroughVic,Australia and have been to all the places from mm1(I live 15minutes from Clunes where the toecutter picked up the coffin of the night rider). I can say my V8 Falcon has laid a do-nut in the same main street. The first Mad Max is the best by far and the interceptor is classic Aussie FORD V8 muscle. Check out for detailed info on the movies. The first Mad Max is A FORD mans heaven so any other Ford fans e-mail me and I'll send u pics of my V8 Fords. Also I have 2 versions of mm2 different narrators and some different scenes. The Mad Max movies are DEFINETLY set in Australia and any reference to America(such as the over dubbed voices!!!) was only to break into the American market. When you come from the area from the movie you can see it clearly as not much has changed since. So e-mail and we can talk about the film, the cars or anything Max!!
crazyDave <>
maryborough, vic Australia - Wednesday, March 22, 2000 at 22:28:54 (EST)
Dear Alex,sorry but i refuse your chronology!!! It's unlikeley! Mad Max: 1999 ;Road Warrior:2008 ;Beyond thunderdome:2016...The Oil War Apocalypse is happened in 2001.The landscape is become a desert:A sort of accelleration of the first movie's ecological disaster (See the prohibited areas,no?!).Then,"Max" can be setted in America!!! There's more fun to think 'bout a post-nuclear american wasteland...For God's sake,Australia is already a desert(However,I love Australia's outback).We don't have any certainty it's Australia.Miller is suspicious on this point.Finally,I would hear fan considerations on my theory,please. MAX RULES!!!!!!!!
Tiziano Caliendo <>
Naples, Italy - Tuesday, March 21, 2000 at 05:21:17 (EST)
Dear Alex,sorry but i refuse your chronology!!! It's unlikeley! Mad Max: 1999 ;Road Warrior:2008 ;Beyond thunderdome:2016...The Oil War Apocalypse is happened in 2001.The landscape is become a desert:A sort of accelleration of the first movie's ecological disaster (See the prohibited areas,no?!).Then,"Max" can be setted in America!!! There's more fun to think 'bout a post-nuclear american wasteland...For God's sake,Australia is already a desert(However,I love Australia's outback).We don't have any certainty it's Australia.Miller is suspicious on this point.Finally,I would hear fan considerations on my theory,please. MAX RULES!!!!!!!!
Tiziano Caliendo <>
Naples, Italy - Tuesday, March 21, 2000 at 05:21:04 (EST)
Dear Alex,sorry but i refuse your chronology!!! It's unlikeley! Mad Max: 1999 ;Road Warrior:2008 ;Beyond thunderdome:2016...The Oil War Apocalypse is happened in 2001.The landscape is become a desert:A sort of accelleration of the first movie's ecological disaster (See the prohibited areas,no?!).Then,"Max" can be setted in America!!! There's more fun to think 'bout a post-nuclear american wasteland...For God's sake,Australia is already a desert(However,I love Australia's outback).We don't have any certainty it's Australia.Miller is suspicious on this point.Finally,I would hear fan considerations on my theory,please. MAX RULES!!!!!!!!
Tiziano Caliendo <>
Naples, Italy - Tuesday, March 21, 2000 at 05:16:38 (EST)
skottie <>
- Sunday, March 19, 2000 at 17:33:44 (EST)
PLAIN CITY, OH USA - Sunday, March 19, 2000 at 00:39:19 (EST)
PLAIN CITY, OH USA - Sunday, March 19, 2000 at 00:35:32 (EST)
Johnny the boy is back at the wreck, stoned again.... You!, ya can run but you can't hide.. Incredible site, favorite movie, thought I was the only phreak out there, boy was I wrong. I always wondered if the local bronze set up speed traps on the road where MM was filmed to catch all the people drawn there by the need for speed, anybody from that neck of the woods have an answer? If I ever get to Australia that would be the place I'd head first!!
jc <>
Boston, USA - Saturday, March 18, 2000 at 10:41:22 (EST)
CARLTON, NSW AUSTRALIA - Friday, March 17, 2000 at 17:17:05 (EST)
Road Warrior- never has leather and steel looked so good or moved so well. Where is Vernon Wells? How come Image Entertainment hasn't put out the Aussie Mad Max with Mel's voice as an option?
chitown, IL us - Thursday, March 16, 2000 at 11:10:28 (EST)
My's starting to spin, a spell of madness is overcoming me! For I hath wandered into the Forbidden Zone and forever will it control me....the only cure is to jump behind the wheel of a V8 Falcon Interceptor and blast my way out of this surreal world! But there is only one left and the man that posseses this mighty machine is the Road Warrior himself! My chances of escaping are slim!
David Boland <>
Gold Coast, QLD Australia - Monday, March 13, 2000 at 14:37:12 (EST)
When is Mad Max 4 coming out. I here rumors they are making it some say they are not well what is it. Were coming were going were coming were going make up your mind.
Matt <>
CT - Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 06:12:38 (EST)
When is Mad Max 4 coming out. I here rumors they are making it some say they are not well what is it. Were coming were going were coming were going make up your mind.
Matt <>
CT - Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 06:12:17 (EST)
cyth <?>
ALBANY, NY u.s.a. - Friday, March 10, 2000 at 08:35:11 (EST)
Wow your page it's Outstanding and Excellent, superb, Fantastic!!!!! I don't have enought words to tell but Isupose than you supose it. Ok!!! Let's doing like this in the near future!!! I'm from spain but i dream to travel to Australia "A few years from now" hahahaha... See you soon!
Sergio Pérez García <>
Badalona, Barcelona Spain - Tuesday, March 07, 2000 at 21:38:24 (EST)
Beware the Toe Cutters! The road is our playground and we don't play nice. Bronze or no bronze your not safe. You think a man that can cut a toe can't cut his own leg off...heheheheeeeeee. Aarghhh Nightrider, remember him when you look up in the night sky!
Night Rider <>
Berkeley, CA USA - Sunday, March 05, 2000 at 12:18:03 (EST)
I'm a Candian Filmaker. The Road Warrior is easily on my top ten list of best films- ever. The action sequences are superb- even film student textbooks make reference to the film. INTERESTING FACT: in the Road Warrior, watch out for any scenes where people 'headbutt' each other. George Miller spliced in a frame of white- this is why there is a flash when the heads make contact. Miller was the first person to think of doing this. Now it is common practice in virtually every Hollywood action movie made. INTERESTING FACT #2 IN my highschool yearbook , I quoted Max, incorrectly also. I said "I'll need three litres of high octane gasoline and five litres of diesel to do the job. In return- all the fuel I can carry." (from when he's bargaining to get the tanker truck. take care my friends
Ryan Silverman
CANADA - Saturday, March 04, 2000 at 10:06:11 (EST)
The sounds of the V8s motors in Mad Max 1 are just too sweet!!!
Mirabel, PQ Canada - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 05:43:13 (EST)
Bravo pour le site. I'm looking for a picture of Viginia Hey in Mad Max 2. Who can help? Thanks.
Michel Vichat <>
Etampes, France - Sunday, February 27, 2000 at 22:32:50 (EST)
The Chronology is awsome it gives back story and perspective at the same time. The people who created it deserve a medal.
Sean <>
- Sunday, February 27, 2000 at 07:27:45 (EST)
Ride to the SUN. Southbound. DAYTONA 200. Ten days, maybe more.
USA - Saturday, February 26, 2000 at 14:28:36 (EST)
how i can find mad max movie in integral version
Seb <>
avignon, ??? france - Wednesday, February 23, 2000 at 02:57:03 (EST)
Hi. Take a look of this site. Go to download and listen to Thundome.
Geir Rensmoen <>
- Sunday, February 20, 2000 at 01:47:37 (EST)
I FOUND SOME PICS OF MAX he really is cool nice site keep up the good work!!!!
al <jim jones>
- Friday, February 18, 2000 at 07:35:22 (EST)
excellent site , Im very inpressed ank many thaks goe out to all who helped create it
Scotty <>
lakewood, NJ U.S.A. - Thursday, February 17, 2000 at 03:15:17 (EST)
ATL., GA. USA - Monday, February 14, 2000 at 02:56:21 (EST)
This rocks it's pretty much the only Mad Max fix on the net.
D'Arcy Almas <>
canada - Friday, February 11, 2000 at 04:04:06 (EST)
This is no waste site!
André Castermmans <>
Paal, Belgium - Monday, February 07, 2000 at 05:19:45 (EST)
nobody nobody gets out of this web page alive i promise you!!! the lord humongus will not be defied!!!!
lord humongus
wasteland, - Sunday, February 06, 2000 at 10:17:40 (EST)
The world does need heros.......
Ed Sanchez
Ringtown, PA USA - Thursday, February 03, 2000 at 14:32:19 (EST)
Ya just thought that all you Max fans out there would like to know, tht it is official, MAD MAX 4, lots of new information, check it out at my homepage!!!!!!! This is for real!!!!!!! A special announcment was made at 2:00am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK OUT MY HOMEPAGE FOR LOADS OF NEW INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maddening Maxwell <>
Denver, USA - Friday, January 21, 2000 at 19:20:39 (EST)
The Mad Max series are easily the best movies made. When I forst saw Mad Max 1 I thought that the world would die out after 2000. Great website.
Kessi <>
New York, NY USA - Friday, January 21, 2000 at 05:36:50 (EST)
Brillient site, just what a mad max fan needs to get a quick fix!!!!
London, England - Friday, January 21, 2000 at 00:10:14 (EST)
kk <>
jjj, uh - Thursday, January 20, 2000 at 05:54:33 (EST)
this is fucking cool sit im glad some thought of it mad max rules
sam giles <coldbrook@HOTMAIL.COM>
skowhegan, me U.S.A. - Sunday, January 16, 2000 at 11:52:08 (EST)
Cool stuff! Wanna see another bad vehicle? Check out my homepage!
DH <>
Germany - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 19:21:07 (EST)
"Ya reckon we been slack!" "I dunno maybe you been slack." Rockatansky is a great throwback tribute to a time when men would stand up for themselves and others despite the risk and regardless of personal reward!Long live The Man Who Keeps Mister Dead In His Pocket!
WEZ <>
SLOW-KANE, WERSHINGTON USofA - Thursday, January 13, 2000 at 14:45:39 (EST)
the best quote in mad max is dont reck my truck
gb - Thursday, January 13, 2000 at 03:04:42 (EST)
Mad Max Rules
Andreas Edvinsson <>
Södertälje, Sweden - Sunday, January 09, 2000 at 05:46:52 (EST)
i want to know if the romers are true ,about a forth movie in the works and if there is a fan club out there that i can join whith out joinning a motercyle gang
mark davis <>
dallas, texas usa - Saturday, January 08, 2000 at 06:16:23 (EST)
Great Site. Perhaps the best sequels, when the MM-II was better than the MM-I. Beyond the ThunderDome was a bit sick, sentimental shit and all that Will Mel Gibson act in another sequel of MM, I would love to ask him.
schitnis <>
Pune, MH India - Friday, January 07, 2000 at 22:18:49 (EST)
mad max rules all. as for the "V8 wreckboys" from germany you would need a bug to suck on your tiny tot little dicks. if your too stupid to figure out the size of your "450+ cui" motor don't even try to act like a gearhead god or a real one might ram a tire iron so far up your ass you will feel it in the back of your throat!!! and don't ever dare use the DODGE name in vain to harm someone or I will come to germany myself and run your asses of the road with all 528 cubic inches of my nitrous blown HEMI!!!!!!! see you on the roads.
M.O.P.A.R <>
ca USA - Thursday, January 06, 2000 at 17:31:25 (EST)
your site is quite a site
mel gibson
unknown, vermont u.s.a. - Thursday, January 06, 2000 at 09:09:48 (EST)
stevenbrians <>
newcastle, uk - Wednesday, January 05, 1994 at 08:44:06 (EST)
stevenbrians <>
newcastle, uk - Wednesday, January 05, 1994 at 08:44:00 (EST)
stevenbrians <>
newcastle, uk - Wednesday, January 05, 1994 at 08:43:31 (EST)
I like the sites! The MM-trilogy is the best! Have you guys or girls noticed, that the games Fallout and Fallout II are much like MM? Keep up the good work!
Crazy H <>
Sysmä, Finland - Wednesday, January 05, 1994 at 02:48:53 (EST)
mad max is the best aussie film ever made and i love it. i am max rockatansky and soon i will start my rebuild of a xb coupe to resemble max's coupe in 1 and 2.
nick rhodes
melbourne, vic australia - Tuesday, January 04, 1994 at 18:20:45 (EST)
Mad Max rules! I think it is problably my favorite movie of all time. Everything about is cool. I just wonder though of what happened to Max at the end of Thunderdome and where he led off to since the big apocolypse happened and the people in the city of Sydney, Australia. Anyhow I hope there will be a 4th Mad Max with Mel Gibson starring in it.
Chris <>
Altus, OK U.S.A. - Thursday, December 30, 1999 at 20:35:51 (EST)
Mad Max is the baddest warrior ever. He is the only hero I need.
Laura Wilkes <>
Topeka, KS USA - Saturday, December 25, 1999 at 17:35:07 (EST)
mad max rules and i cant wait for mad max 4 i am 15 and i am building a mad max style rat bike out of a 750 yamaha so when its finished "i will see you on the road skag"
ricky smith <ratt_new_world@hotmail>
brisbane, qld australia - Saturday, December 25, 1999 at 00:51:03 (EST)
Just curious what happened to the cast of MM3.
killarney vale, N.S.W Australia - Wednesday, December 22, 1999 at 19:11:29 (EST)
Great site the facts fit the story..As for Mad Max 4..This is how I would make the film...Max comes out of the wasteland into a new reemerging civilisation...he accidentally kills a young woman and child on the roads..The father of the child is a new young hot shot law keeper...Imagine the ending massive car chases etc with the new law man in the 'new' V8..max in a V8 interceptor found in his old farm left for him by his old bald captain...oh and as for he absolute ending head on smash kills both..
Sniper <>
- Saturday, December 18, 1999 at 13:19:03 (EST)
A good Cronnology, the Facts fit the story
Alabama Smith <>
Open Road, Fl USA - Friday, December 17, 1999 at 14:26:22 (EST)
Very interesting site i have been a mad max fan since 1979 when i was still being sent to bed When gory bits came on the telly also glad that i am not the only freak of my kind Yoyo
Paul Nightingale <>
Stockport, Cheshire England - Friday, December 17, 1999 at 10:55:40 (EST)
This is one of the best MM chronology sites around.If you want really good pics check out for the interceptor, and for Mad Max 4 info.This is a great site and keep up the good work.
Matt <>
Wasteland, Ct USA - Friday, December 17, 1999 at 02:46:16 (EST)
I have heard that George Miller and Co. is planning another Mad Max film. Is this true? Please let me know.
Matthew Braaten <>
Nerstrand, MN USA - Friday, December 17, 1999 at 01:55:20 (EST)
I love all three Mad Max movies. The Interseptors in the first film are the most awesome cars. If anyone has any pictures of the interseptors i would appreciate some E-mail.
Tom <>
Scottsdale, AZ USA - Sunday, December 12, 1999 at 16:34:50 (EST)
non credo che qualcuno sia in grado di leggere l'italiano; comunque sia,il sito mi è sembrato bello.Avrò tempo e modo in futuro per visitarlo più approfonditamente.ciao
enrico saccà <>
Castelnuovo R., italy u.e. - Sunday, December 12, 1999 at 01:42:50 (EST)
What Was Mad Max last name?
Jeff Bradley <>
Wabash , In United States - Friday, December 10, 1999 at 07:53:13 (EST)
Me again... I have just seen "The Road Warrior" again and now I have changed opinion - it is actually a really good movie. I really, really, really like the intro - "At the roar of an engine he lost it all...". Just wanted to say that. Be prepared - build your own combat car...with GURPS Vehicles...he-he.
Ulrik S Tham <>
Malmoe, Scania Sweden - Monday, December 06, 1999 at 03:14:30 (EST)
I am lone wanderer in a barron wasteland
Greame Trebor <UNKNOWN>
Selby, N.Yorks Great Britain - Saturday, December 04, 1999 at 09:47:45 (EST)
Your stories are so cool
Jonny the Boy <->
Stoke, - England - Friday, December 03, 1999 at 02:38:08 (EST)
Awesome chronology. For the longest time I've been wondering when all of this stuff takes place. Thanks a lot for making your cool page on the greatest trilogy of all time but however...I didn't like the 3rd movie that much because you don't have the right feel or kinetic energy while you're watching it. Keep up the good work.
Charlies Hess <Comic50705>
Bel Air, MD USA - Sunday, November 28, 1999 at 14:38:03 (EST)
Good to see someone supporting shit hot aussie movies
Glen Lyons <>
Sydney, nsw Australia - Tuesday, November 23, 1999 at 16:10:28 (EST)
Thanks. Enjoyed visiting this great site. I'm so glad that that Mad Max is alive within these pages.
Merrilyn <>
CA USA - Sunday, November 21, 1999 at 11:04:22 (EST)
great work mate.always remember what bruce spence said in mad max2 "its my snake i trained it im gonna eat it"
cameron mcandrew <>
sunshine beach, queensland australia - Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 21:29:15 (EST)
Met Johnny the Boy and Matt Black at " the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY. Women in scarlet and faces aflame. Hi- test to go. Left Sun City . Southbound. Entered the forbidden zone. Picked up a "Pursuit". Broke the pursuit. His choice. Smart.
USA - Monday, November 15, 1999 at 06:32:57 (EST)
Alan Knott <>
Newcastle, U.K - Sunday, November 14, 1999 at 09:31:21 (EST)
Great site , loved the movies since I was knee high. Always wanted a car just like the ones showen on the big screen.
Chubba DaHut <>
Kawerau, B.O.P New - Saturday, November 13, 1999 at 15:39:11 (EST)
Great site - good links...for a burning and scarred world. I cannot say that I loove the movies - they are not thaaat great...but the philosophy, background and feeling they are meant to convey...are just glorious - I myself is of a dark and apocalyptic mind and can really relate to these theme of a post nuclear world. Been playing RPGs for a long time - for instance Twilight 2000 - a similar concept...WW3. Keep the dust blowing for me and Max...
Ulrik S Tham <>
Malmoe, Scania Sweden - Friday, November 12, 1999 at 03:37:17 (EST)
The TOECUTTER ia alive and well....
USA - Tuesday, November 09, 1999 at 10:53:49 (EST)
Been riding to long on just one tire. Maybe the wind just wasn't right. I'll wait. No. Go.
Diego De Luna
Santiago, Chile - Monday, November 08, 1999 at 12:13:41 (EST)
dann bin ich also der dritte im bunde V8 is based on which car???? plz
Dominik <>
Vienna, - Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 04:50:52 (EST)
Tja, Thomas! Wer suchet, der findet! (und fliegt nach Hollywood :-)) ) Also auch ein Skip und klax.max-Schulklassencontest-Teilnehmer!!!
Mr. Mars <>
Stockerau, Austria - Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 03:12:22 (EST)
I hav eonly a question! The V8 Interceptor is based on a car! but what is the car! (name and type( Opel or so)
thomas Görlitz <>
Vienna, Austria - Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 00:33:17 (EST)
I love the movie.
koalo15 <>
New Knoxville, OH U.S.A. - Wednesday, November 03, 1999 at 06:28:25 (EST)
I love the movie.
koalo15 <>
New Knoxville, OH U.S.A. - Wednesday, November 03, 1999 at 06:28:21 (EST)
Laid it down in a right hander. A little damage.A little pain. The smell of gasoline. A citizen stopped. On the move before he got there. A mile to go. In.
USA - Monday, November 01, 1999 at 09:38:17 (EST)
Just finished waching MM2 after finally getting it back from a friend who had it for 2 years.Do yourself a favour and wach it in its original widescreen format.Great site
Aaron <>
Croydon, Vic AUSTRALIA - Monday, November 01, 1999 at 05:22:54 (EST)
michael ransom <>
adelaide, s.a australia - Monday, November 01, 1999 at 01:49:06 (EST)
Does anyone know where I can find the Austrailian version of the Mad Max DVD that can play in an NSTC player?
Kyle Smith <>
Woodinville, WA USA - Friday, October 29, 1999 at 07:39:53 (EST)
Rock on! This is a very good site. I found the chronology most useful, as I am making a Mad Max-based RPG setting using the Alternity game system. The timeline of the movies was very helpful too. The only thing I can see wrong with this site is there's not enough of it! Keep up the good work.
Obsidian Dawn <>
US - Sunday, October 24, 1999 at 03:59:39 (EST)
I was just wondering what another nick names do mad max have?...hope you coul help me out...thanks......btw...nice website......
anne <>
Cebu, - Saturday, October 23, 1999 at 13:19:17 (EST)
This series is what got me into cars and bikes, and just like every one else has said, the movies depict the future too clearly.
Eric <;;>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Wednesday, October 20, 1999 at 02:39:38 (EST)
I really like this site, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm going to this weekend, it looks really good!! Anybody who wants to chat e-mail me!! I can't wait to see the movie!!
Andie <>
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada - Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 12:43:24 (EST)
Mad Max is the BEST
morten enersen <SDLJG@JD.NO>
LILLESTRØM, NORWAY - Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 07:47:51 (EST)
Masta' Blasta'!
Garrett Corbin <>
Bangor, ME US - Friday, October 15, 1999 at 07:28:54 (EST)
Please help me, where can i get MAD MAX no. 1. ?
jogeir kramer <>
bergen, norway - Monday, October 11, 1999 at 09:09:35 (EST)
Are you the the guys with the car that was at lr today? IF you are u know who I am.
Truck <>
LittleRiver, Vic Oz - Saturday, October 09, 1999 at 22:45:23 (EST)
Great movies.
Mathieu Boucher <>
Sept-Iles, Qc Canada - Saturday, October 09, 1999 at 11:57:58 (EST)
i just recently bought all three movies from a movie store that went out of business. i think it is the greatest trilogy of all time! it even beats star wars!
rEdEtH <>
ephrata, wa usa - Thursday, October 07, 1999 at 16:42:33 (EST)
All you people who think there should be another Mad Max are mad, Mel Gibson is too old, but good loking for an old guy! Love the site, even though Ihaven't seen the movies.
Andie Gosselin <>
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada - Monday, October 04, 1999 at 03:38:59 (EST)
A little bit of info about the car. The mad max "interceptor" is based on an Australian Ford Falcon Coupe This particular car was a 1973/74 Falcon XB GT running a 351 V8 , 4 speed TopLoader and a 9 inch diff. On the road these cars were and still are very intimidating and all across australia people restore and modify these cars. The model of falcon itself shares alot in common with its american counterparts eg motor gearbox and diff and has some styling influences from the mustangs and torino's however with much development and refinement, these falcons were quite capable of out performing cars like the mustang. One particular Falcon, the Phase 4 GTHO was capable of over 150mph and although sold to the public was bearly the sort of thing mum would do the shopping in or pick up the kids from school in. The front panels of the car were taken from a Ford Australia concept vehicle called the concorde. This was again a falcon but in this case it was a panel van (sedan-based van)
simon <not current>
albury, nsw australia - Friday, October 01, 1999 at 03:16:44 (EST)
USA - Friday, October 01, 1999 at 03:05:59 (EST)
I'm a not-so-little man...with the knowin of many things! Great site Mate! There are a few of us who know the eventuality of things when we see them! Most days in Los Angeles are like a day of Max's .. we've got four seasons here: Floods, Fires, Riots and Earthquakes! I guess you could say I've been practicing for the eventuality all my life here. Yes, I'm a biker too. The real thing I'd like to see on your wonderful site is an expose on The V8 Interceptor - it's a modified Holden Monaro isnt it? Keep Styling! -Erik ps-if anyone gives ya shit about these flicks not being serious filmmaking, remind them that although the French did define the term "Gritty Film Newar", it took the Aussies to give it TEETH! ;) Cheers!
Erik Karl Sorgatz <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, September 29, 1999 at 21:42:39 (EST)
garrett <watto>
tyler, tx USA - Monday, September 27, 1999 at 07:05:50 (EST)
I am an extreme Mad Max fan!! I think it is Mel Gibsons most defining work(as well as Braveheart) as an actor and as a director. There is a need, at least from my point of view, a final sequel. The story is an original and although tried to be duplicated many failed times, they couldn't match it. This is a great site and the first time I ever found one like it please keep up the good work. Mad Max the original man from nowhere with no name the classic anti-hero.
Chris Foegle <>
Edwards, CA USA - Sunday, September 26, 1999 at 09:38:05 (EST)
This film facinated me alot. I only wish I knew exactly what kind of car it was that Max was driving. Was an interceptor(Ford) engine, or a Ford car altogether? I would love to have a car that looks like it. The front of an "88 Monte Carlo, and the body, that looks like a cross between a Torino and a Mustang fastback. This movie will go in the books for me, by all means. It kicked ass!!! And a series of movies that never went either one. Thanks Warner Bros.
M. Keyes <>
NY USA - Saturday, September 25, 1999 at 12:38:01 (EST)
I have meorized every movie
Jackson Nealis
Deland, FL U.S.A - Thursday, September 23, 1999 at 23:37:30 (EST)
Anyone know where I can get a copy of the first mad max undubbed with the original Austrailian accents.
John Chaffee <>
- Tuesday, September 21, 1999 at 13:23:06 (EST)
Love the movie
Vic Morrison <>
- Tuesday, September 21, 1999 at 11:00:35 (EST)
Loved the site, "I am the Night Rider, I'm a fuel injuected suicide machine," I am the chosen one by the mighty hand of vengance. Is the Falcon still at cars of the stars in London? If so,somebody should buy it back and display it in Australia, where it belongs.
Rhett Das <>
- Monday, September 20, 1999 at 19:24:07 (EST)
I'm the ghost on the highway.
USAI - Friday, September 17, 1999 at 07:10:41 (EST)
sundell <>
shenyang, liaoning china - Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at 12:50:08 (EST)
Hy guys! I'm desperately looking for the fairing of Goose's Kwaka. Does anyone know anything besides that the company closed? I have the bike already. Nice site! I love the Mad Max theme, we are closer to that scenario than most of us think... See ya, Marius
Marius <>
Southfield, MI USA - Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at 00:56:11 (EST)
Get your hand off it Rhodesy, you know who the real Max Rockatansky is! SEE YOU ON THE ROAD SKAG - WE'LL SEE YOU LIKE WE SAW THE KNIGHTRIDER!!!!
Gilly <>
Melbourne, - Monday, September 13, 1999 at 21:36:39 (EST)
I've seen it I've heard it, I don't have any more questions!! You'll be back Rockatansky! Does anyone have any pictures of the original interceptor from 1???? Preferably in colour, will pay if good quality and size. thanx.
Gavyn Tillison <>
Melbourne, VIC Australia - Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 18:18:05 (EST)
I've seen it I've heard it, I don't have any more questions!! You'll be back Rockatansky!
Gavyn Tillison <>
Melbourne, VIC Australia - Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 18:11:35 (EST)
My name is Damir and I'm a vocalist of powerful metal band UNDERCODE.I'd like to say some things...First, I was born in Melbourne, Australia, but I'm living in Croatia for the last 22 years. If you like Mad Max trilogy, you'l like the music of this band. If you want to listen the stuff, then go to NOISE records pages and search for mp3's. Heavy metal imagenery is part of modern subcultural culture. Comics, album covers, movies...My favourite movies of all time are Mad Max trilogy and Conan the barbarian. Mad Max is about post apocalyptic future. Mad Max is about HEAVY METAL music. Cheers!
Damir (UNDERCODE) <>
Zagreb, Croatia - Thursday, September 09, 1999 at 13:28:23 (EST)
There will always be a Max somewhere...
Jon <>
Houston, TX USA - Friday, September 03, 1999 at 13:47:58 (EST)
I am Rockatansky
Nick Rhodes
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Thursday, September 02, 1999 at 20:21:55 (EST)
Remember the Nightrider, when you look into the night sky!
Jim Martin <>
New Haven, CT. U.S.A. - Thursday, September 02, 1999 at 09:11:56 (EST)
Remember the Nightrider, when you look into the night sky!
Jim Martin <>
New Haven, CT. U.S.A. - Thursday, September 02, 1999 at 09:10:47 (EST)
This sight rocks i`ve always wanted to know what kind of car he drove and now i know.(I though it was a AMX)
christopher max crosby <>
shawnee, okla U.S.A - Monday, August 30, 1999 at 11:08:24 (EST)
just think how wicked it would be if the world did become like mad max, no-one would need to do anything just sleep and eat, i like it! so hopefully this new years eve the russian nuclear defence network messes up on the millenium bug and fires at the US and the world counter attacks it, kapesh here is the wasteland, if theres anyone out there that knows about surving the apocalipse e-mail me, by the way i'm not a wacko just get carried away watching the awesome trilogy
march hare <>
Manchester, England - Saturday, August 28, 1999 at 10:41:01 (EST)
Oh, how true these movies could be if we run towards the future as we have been doing. Children killing children, wasting fuel, global warming and government arrogance. Beware for the wastelands for they could be here before you know it.
Leroy Haverkamp <>
Nacogdoches, TX USA - Thursday, August 26, 1999 at 01:43:00 (EST)
Mad Max is definitely the best aussie movie made. The yanks could never have made anything like it due to their political correctness. It made the Falcon coupes of the 70's the most awesome and evil cars ever!
lord humungus <>
perth, wa australia - Wednesday, August 25, 1999 at 01:30:46 (EST)
Love this page keep it up, and let me know when Mad Max 4 comes out Bye
Mariu Gran Peters <>
Mysen, - Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 19:42:14 (EST)
MAD MAX!!! since i were a child this road warrior rule my life. I always want to be like he, i always want to live like he, i alway want to wear like he. All my plays as a kid was in the Mad Max land. Mad Max always live in my heart, thanks for give me a dream of a real hero in a world so cahotic.
Carlos Wilfredo Trejo <>
México, Mexico - Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 13:45:51 (EST)
Cool page.
Josiah Pitchforth <>
Kennebunk, ME USA - Saturday, August 21, 1999 at 08:49:35 (EST)
Mad Max The true "Road Warrior"!! shows what will be of the earth after we've pasted away.Two of the "BEST" movies to watch again and again!!!!Bring on the "4th" We're ready to ROCK!!!!
mopar_trooper <>
OR. usa - Saturday, August 21, 1999 at 04:56:39 (EST)
Nice site. Simple, fast-loading pages, no bullshit. Keep it simple. Congratulations.
Anonymous <>
NJ USA - Monday, August 16, 1999 at 08:04:48 (EST)
I think that the Mad Max Films are among the best in the world. I'm 18 and i've watched them with my Dad ever since i was just a little girl, basiclly my whole life. If anyone would like to chat about Max then just E-mail me, I'd love to talk to others that love the films as much as me.
Alsacia <Alsacia@AOL.COM>
Va. USA - Tuesday, August 10, 1999 at 15:30:24 (EST)
Max and I are the true creatures of the night. We shall roam the wastelands and serve justice and revenge the best way it should be...hard and fast
Scott Romanski <>
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY USA - Tuesday, August 10, 1999 at 09:30:21 (EST)
i watched all three films for the first ever time last week. i thought 1 was great and 2 was just as good, however i strongly believe that 3 was a waste of time and effort.
Kieran Fitzgerald <>
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Monday, August 09, 1999 at 20:52:20 (EST)
Great tribute to what I think are some of the three greastest movies of all time. How about some more pictures of the Interceptor?
Carlos Badillo <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Saturday, August 07, 1999 at 16:34:22 (EST)
USA - Thursday, August 05, 1999 at 09:43:24 (EST)
Max is one of the original heros of the silver screen. A man who always does the right thing.
Tom <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Monday, August 02, 1999 at 13:53:57 (EST)
Great site! Keep up the good work.The info in your chronology is a great resource for all us Mad Max fans. I am the Night Rider, a fuel injected suicide machine!!!!
NightRider <>
The, Waste Lands - Sunday, August 01, 1999 at 23:27:35 (EST)
I love Mad Max
Graeme Jenkins < &>
Junee, N.S.W Australia - Tuesday, July 27, 1999 at 17:05:32 (EST)
I love all Mad Max films. Website is good. Keep it up. My favourite part of all Mad Max films is the start of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.
James Slattery <>
Not saying, N/A Ireland - Monday, July 26, 1999 at 07:06:01 (EST)
I go to cherry lane all the time and sometimes I take my friends there to see where they filmed that amazing sequence where that mfp car crashes through the caravan...I love Mad Max
drs <>
melbourne, vic australia - Friday, July 23, 1999 at 17:16:46 (EST)
I'm just looking around for a picture of max's falcon
Ben Horsley <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Sunday, July 18, 1999 at 18:26:33 (EST)
Ohhh its soo good Keep it up!!!
Renato Cazin <>
Zagreb, Croatia - Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 08:15:05 (EST)
Excellent site. Love the movies. MAD MAX 4!!!!!
Nicholas Bridges <>
Scarborough, Maine USA - Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 01:51:37 (EST)
This is in reference to Black Klaw's entry in the Mad Max Guestbook on 04-24-99. I love the idea of the boy growing into early manhood and beginning his search for Max. You are correct that it would be a great departure for the films. Perhaps in one of the films he finds someone who claims that he is Max, and it isn't him. Or maybe this could be a rite of passage for this community for future leaders; 5 years in the wasteland to search for Max. Or to commit acts of bravery like Max. Perhaps the archetype of Max in that community is held up as a standard. Some people argue that Max came full circle in the end of "Beyond Thunderdome". I have to disagree. My opinion of Max is someone who cannot let go of the tragedy of the death of his family. I believe that Max blames himself for their death. So instead of settling down with some wasteland princess, he continues his search for absolution in the desert of Australia. It reminds me of Bruce Wayne always tortured by his parents death; the result of this being the alter ego of Batman. Rasputin
Rasputin <>
Cranford , N.J. U.S.A. - Tuesday, July 06, 1999 at 15:42:23 (EST)
Quite possible the greatest MAD MAX web page ever created. You have answered some questions I've had for years about the MAD MAX saga. Thanks!
Brian Gates <>
Syracuse, NY USA - Wednesday, June 16, 1999 at 01:16:21 (EST)
Hey, Great Web site, its really good to know that there are so many other people out there who are obsessed with the film as well! It surprised me to see how many sites there were for MadMax, and this really is the cream of the bunch. Keep up the goodwork, and prey for the release of MadMax 4!
MadMark <>
- Friday, June 11, 1999 at 21:40:20 (EST)
Wow. There just isnt a better mad max site on the net! And its one of my fave films too. Im a big Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Fan. By the way, in answer to that question, the V8 interceptor was a Ford XB falcon, a kind only produced in Australia I think. The Supercharger was fake though. -Rok
Rory O'Kelly <>
Sligo, Ireland - Friday, June 11, 1999 at 05:39:28 (EST)
Mad Max 1 and 2: both landmarks for films centreing around awesome cars. Kneel and worship, all yuo petrol-heads, for you are truly not worthy. The world has gone crazy on the smell of gasolene.
Road Warrior
- Tuesday, June 08, 1999 at 00:31:19 (EST)
This is a good site. I like the graphics
Bill Missavage
Joplin, MO USA - Saturday, June 05, 1999 at 15:58:07 (EST)
Hi Alex I am sorry that I have not congratulated you on this great site. I have quickly scanned the guest book and not found a entry from me. You know of me through the Replica Interceptor that I took almost 17 years to finish, more of a sister car than a replica. I must thank Grant Hodgson for his untiring effot on the project, It was a huge job!.. But what a view over that hood, to all those who wonder the car is more awesome in real life than in the pic's, and even on Video it projects the same power as the origional car.. Has there ever been a more "perfectly balanced muscle car" built?. In it's life with me my Interceptor has travelled far and lived long, but the journey has just begun, if you see Peter Bartons or Cal's site you can show interest in the next great adventure ..a 90 minute film devoted in total to the Interceptor, I need the numbers to do this, so check out the sites and let me know if are interested!.... And if you haven't seen Cal's site yet, get there quick it is amazing... Thanks again for this site Alex.. all the best to you from OZ ... Gordon.
Gordon Hayes <>
Perth, WA Australia - Saturday, May 29, 1999 at 17:17:11 (EST)
Does anyone out there have contact information for Steve Bisley (Jim Goose) and Hugh Keays-Byrne (toecutter) as I would really love to get them to sign the pictures I have of them. I wouldn't mind an address for Bubba Zanetti either. but I didn't fall in love with him at an early age like I did with the other two.
MFP1564 <SAKerr1564>
UK - Tuesday, May 25, 1999 at 18:19:00 (EST)
Bitchin site
Tequilla <>
Wrexham, United Kingdom - Sunday, May 23, 1999 at 22:40:41 (EST)
NARROGIN, WA AUSTRALIA - Thursday, May 20, 1999 at 14:08:41 (EST)
"And it was there, in that blighted place, that I learned to live again."
Peter Damian Muhich <>
Santa Monica, CA United States - Thursday, May 20, 1999 at 03:22:41 (EST)
Awesome Site
Josh Gesford <>
Palmyra, PA USA - Wednesday, May 19, 1999 at 10:29:20 (EST)
Perfect site, But how about some pics of the black best before all the mods in mad max II.
Simon Ford <>
koonawarra, nsw Australia - Tuesday, May 18, 1999 at 23:44:09 (EST)
Very well done and impressive site.
Vasili Stathopoulos <>
Rochester, NY USA - Tuesday, May 18, 1999 at 12:08:28 (EST)
Hi Alex,Great site.
Sid the scaffolder <>
Oxford, England - Saturday, May 15, 1999 at 10:21:40 (EST)
i would like to know the sort of car max it a jenson?
charlie <n/a>
ashford, kent england - Friday, May 14, 1999 at 19:21:36 (EST)
i would like to know the sort of car max it a jenson?
charlie <n/a>
ashford, kent england - Friday, May 14, 1999 at 19:20:47 (EST)
This site kicks ass! Answered all the questions I had about the Trilogy. I want a V8 Interceptor soooo bad...what company made those cars anyway? And is there any chance I could ever find one? Anyway, keep up the good work.
Bryan <>
Bartertown, - Sunday, May 09, 1999 at 19:26:44 (EST)
This is a very very very very very good site and it should stay alive! i live in melbourne australia in a area which is about an hour drive from almost all the movie locations in mad max one and i visit them often. i was reading one of your guest entries about the price of petrol being 2 dollars a gallon this person should think themselves lucky because in australia the same thing would be 4 liters and a liter here costs 75 cents all the time.
Nick <>
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Sunday, May 09, 1999 at 04:26:01 (EST)
I love the site and am not too concerned that the MM3 part of your Chronology has not been completed....the only thing I like about the 3rd film is the closing scenes (although there are plenty of ideas in MM3; it makes as a better exploitation pic than even the first two films) On the 4th film: originally I wanted this to go ahead, now I'm not so sure. I agree with one bloke that the Mad Max films are classics from the eighties, so even a re-make of the first film would not be acceptable. On reading your chronology, it would be cool to set it between MM1 and MM2. I love the first film despite its rather muddled narrative (it switches from Sci-fi /Action to crime, a thriller and even horror at one my writing in a way) because of its excellent characters and nicely directed car scenes. In a way, the character element is lost in the second film because your attention is more on their costumes and the incredible stunts they perform, but that's okay....they look cool. Keep up the good work (whatever that may be)
Chris Benzinski <>
Stroud (town), Gloucestershire UK - Saturday, May 08, 1999 at 00:18:12 (EST)
i <u>
- Monday, May 03, 1999 at 19:22:58 (EST)
pyrodive, 2000 lessdrip - Monday, May 03, 1999 at 19:21:50 (EST)
great site alex but where is the Thunderdome section???try and get it done soon the way i am a Mad Max nutter,completely obsessed with the films it's scary.i think we should get a partition made so Joanne Samuel(jessie) should get a haircut and Sprog should get a name change, that along with a diet for Roop(watch when he runs to the Big Bopper at the start of MM1 and see that blubber fly)and maybe a moustache trim for Fifi and were set. one last thing,WHY DID THE TOECUTTER HAVE TO DIE????
Greg "The God" Ward <>
Dublin, Ireland - Sunday, May 02, 1999 at 04:47:50 (EST)
BENDIGO, VIC AUSTRALIA - Tuesday, April 27, 1999 at 13:29:46 (EST)
Friday, April 30, 1999 is official GAS OUT Day in California, and we are making a statement against the gasoline prices that have skyrocketed to nearly two dollars per gallon in the last month. All motorists are asked to not buy gas on that day. I will participating in the GAS OUT and in order to gain media interest and public attention, I will be discouraging potential gas buyers while dressed in the “Mad Max” mode. ( in reference to in “Road Warrior”) If we don’t take a stand now, then the current situation may escalate, leading to anarchy on the streets and highways. It may not get as extreme as in the movie, where gas prices rose to $7. per gallon but what has happened in the last month is ridiculous. Any costume ideas for a female? send comments to Thanks, “Mad Maxine”
Mad Maxine <>
Oakland, CA usa - Monday, April 26, 1999 at 14:10:43 (EST)
The Gyro Captain rock's!!! This site need's more pic's of the Gyro Captain!!!
Gyro Captain <>
U.S.A. - Monday, April 26, 1999 at 12:06:57 (EST)
Mad Max is a true avenger, and he is my idol, even though toe-cutter and humongous are cool villains
Chaz Berfield <>
Lynn, MA USA - Monday, April 26, 1999 at 01:18:17 (EST)
This is a great site! It's great to see that so many people are into Mad Max. There aren't enough movies about warriors battling for survival in a post-apocolyptic wasteland or chasing each other down in supercharged, V8 powered adrenaline machines. MM3 was a good move to make Max stuff of legend. In MM he starts out as a hotshot MFP pursuit officer with a career and a family. In MM2 after having his family and best friend taken from him he becomes what he hated most, a heartless road warrior. Finally in MM3 after surviving on his own wits for many years he rediscovers his human side and it gives him back what he once lost, honor. What happens after that is stuff of legend. The point is, Max is not a road warrior but that is what he had to become in order to find himself. If there ever is a MM4 Max should be nothing more than a legend. The story should be about a man who once looked up to Max as a father and decides to set out on a mission to find Max and bring him home from the wastelands. This allows the story to continue without ruining the original story or duplicating what has already been done. As the man gets closer to finding Max he becomes more obsessed with finding him and even discovers himself in the process. The fact that Max is still the underlying force in the film will lend to the continuation of the story without the need for him to actually be seen in the movie. Imagine it cold take 3 movies for the man to finally find Max... or not.
Black Klaw <>
Bartertown, AR Wastelands - Saturday, April 24, 1999 at 16:04:57 (EST)
cool web site keep it alive. mad max kicks ass! see ya on the road. ride hard ride fast the quick live..
dallas, texas u.s.a. - Saturday, April 24, 1999 at 14:33:30 (EST)
the legend lives on! does anyone know if there will be a new max movie.i've only heard rumours.
mo evers <>
dublin, ireland - Thursday, April 22, 1999 at 06:57:49 (EST)
Aaaaarrghhhh! Here is Captain Lone Starr from the Crazy V8 wreck boys. Never laughed so much before! Hey, Jared Cassidy, you could be glad if your Honda could mess with a VW Beetle! Ha! For your fucking Honda I'll only need my 1st gear of my '68 Charger. It's so hot that you can pursuit a rocket! Bye, from crumbling Germany!
Captain Lone Starr <Suck my plasma>
Munich, Bavaria Germany - Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 19:20:06 (EST)
This page is the best Mad Max page I have ever seen, and most likely will always be the best. Keep up the great work.
Jason M. <>
Martinsburg, WV U.S.A. - Tuesday, April 13, 1999 at 09:07:35 (EST)
Wow!! The best MAD MAX page I ever saw!!!!!!
Georg Lotz <->
Villach, Aut Kärnten - Monday, April 12, 1999 at 03:52:03 (EST)
Great site! Needs more MM2 stuff, LONG LIVE THE V8 INTERCEPTER
XB coupe <>
- Sunday, April 11, 1999 at 11:49:47 (EST)
Great Web Page!
Miles Tolbert <>
Lakewood, CO USA - Friday, April 09, 1999 at 04:23:42 (EST)
I love this site! Can´t wait for MM4!!!!!!! Does anyone know anything about Bruce Spence? Anything? Please e-mail me !
Jinks <>
Pori, Finland - Wednesday, April 07, 1999 at 15:23:13 (EST)
Great site! MM1 and MM2 are the greatest movies ever made. MM3 was pretty bad, anyone know if they are making MM4. If MM4 is made, it better be more like MM2, MM3 was a mistake. They need to resurrect the v-8 interceptor.
Matt harvey <>
Rocky Hill, CT USA - Wednesday, April 07, 1999 at 13:36:23 (EST)
Cool Site. I'm really into the Mad Max stuff mainly for the awesome Cars.
Ryan Fladager <>
Peerless, Montana USA - Monday, April 05, 1999 at 04:04:38 (EST)
I'm selling these fine leather jackets...
Guybrush Threepwood
- Sunday, April 04, 1999 at 14:35:06 (EST)
Shagadelic chronology.
White Line Nightmare
- Friday, April 02, 1999 at 10:05:43 (EST)
I could kick Humongus'ass in my 87 honda Accord!
Jared Cassidy <A-NOFX-NUT@WebTV.Net>
Belchertown, Mass. United States of America - Friday, April 02, 1999 at 08:49:04 (EST)
I could kck Humongus'ass in my 87 honda Accord!
Jared Cassidy <A-NOFX-NUT@WebTV.Net>
Belchertown, Mass. United States of America - Friday, April 02, 1999 at 08:48:48 (EST)
This is a great site!! I have a question for anyone who can answer it. What is/are the car/s that Max drives in the movies????
Thomas Cleary <>
cambridge, maryland united states - Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 13:48:51 (EST)
great site!
Scut Monkey
Huntington Beach, CA USA - Sunday, March 28, 1999 at 12:50:12 (EST)
Tonight we ride.
USA - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 11:00:34 (EST)
The Road Warrior will be back. Don't you worry. I am working on it.
Cal <>
Raleigh, NC USA - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 14:05:37 (EST)
fuel injected suicide machine! kz 1000 cafe style.
the toecutter <>
wastelands', tx - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 00:46:27 (EST)
Bring on the oil wars I wanna live like max, but with auntiy entity as my mum!
Adam Cotterill
Cheshire England - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 03:12:56 (EST)
Motorbikes are very cheap to buy.....Que no ? If you can't afford one get your mummy to buy one for you.. Insist om loads of horsepower (Too much is never enough) Regardless of what bike you have chop off the rear subframe and have your mates weld,bolt,glue or duct tape a Z650 tailpiece to the arse end. Paint it black and ride around with a simpson bandit on your head....All the birds love a madman...Keep the faith..and don't do a toecutter. Regards, Charley Farley
Charley Farley and the Bandits <>
Planet Gong, CA USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 14:48:14 (EST)
Motorbikes are very cheap to buy.....Que no ? If you can't afford one get your mummy to buy one for you.. Insist om loads of horsepower (Too much is never enough) Regardless of what bike you have chop off the rear subframe and have your mates weld,bolt,glue or duct tape a Z650 tailpiece to the arse end. Paint it black and ride around with a simpson bandit on your head....All the birds love a madman...Keep the faith..and don't do a toecutter. Regards, Charley Farley
Mike Pavely <>
Planet Gong, CA USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 14:46:41 (EST)
OOOOeiiihhhio!!! Here is a fucking member of the crazy V8 wreckboys! Last weekend I had a race with brainblown Nightrider. He thought his shitbox is faster than my '68 Dodge Charger with more than 450cui and a mighty blower. At 150mph I pressed my gaspedal hard and I flew away in a blue dust-clowd. After that I had to remove Nightrider from my air-filter. Fuck! Last but not least I have a mesage to all that stupid VW drivers: Take care of my V8. It could be, that someday I will be on your back. hehehe! O.K. then, hi to all your crazy V8-freaks. Your Captain Lone Starr from crumbling Germany.
Captain Lone Starr <Suck my plasma>
Munich, Bavaria Germany - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 23:01:19 (EST)
Max is a great man a man that we haven't heard the last from
Sonny Burnett <>
New Bedford, MA U.S. - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 16:54:00 (EST)
Matt Harpel
Tacoma , WA USA(woo-hoo,we're # 1!) - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 05:22:10 (EST)
The Mad Max movies are in my top 10 movies of all time. When you look in the dictionary under action movie you will see a picture of Max !!
Steve R. Bell <>
Douglasville, GA U.S.A. - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 08:44:20 (EST)
Mad Max is one of my favorite movies,, I'd like to know where I can get info not only of the movies but as much data on the cars in the first film Thanks Mike
Michael D. Landrum <>
Natchitoches, LA USA - Saturday, March 13, 1999 at 04:08:50 (EST)
Cool site, thanks for making it. I really made the entire Mad MAx story make more sense.
jim dunn <>
wayne, ne 68787 - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 18:19:14 (EST)
Great webpage, love the chronology, provides a whole new look at the movies.
Curtis <>
Princeton, WV USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 10:49:19 (EST)
I am praying for MAD MAX 4........
Thomas Reiter <>
Braunau, AUSTRIA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 04:03:04 (EST)
This savage freedom I love!
USA - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 07:30:27 (EST)
really enjoyed this site. Kennedy Miller do Australia proud with these three movies, and agree a fourth should be made...
lotex <>
wastelands, Australia - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 11:46:10 (EST)
What can I say. The movie of my teen years, and of today. Having seen the movies hundreds of times, I´m convinced that should be more Mad Max. Maybe all of us as fans, should drop a line to Universal asking for Mad Max IV ?. Thanks for your site. racer
Fernando <>
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 11:14:47 (EST)
Please make a non-frames option on your site. PLEASE.
- Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 09:44:17 (EST)
Hey Alex this is a great site. i didnt know you won some swards for it you are way to modest. Thanks for coming out to tea last week it was great to see you again. Was the picture of the MM storybook in here the one i gave you or did you already have it? fond regards from Maiden (Kate)
Maiden Fletcher
yours, nsw oz - Monday, March 01, 1999 at 11:53:51 (EST)
Gread site.......
Mike Busche <>
Bozeman, MT U.S.A - Sunday, February 28, 1999 at 07:57:02 (EST)
I liked your site a lot.The story,while questionable,is interesting and fits the series.Road Warrior is of course the perfect action movie-I saw it for the first time when I was 17 during its original US run,and about 30 times since.The sets,costumes dialogue,every little thing is perfect to take us into this world.Top five all time movies.I am going to buy MM without the ridiculous dubbing soon,and I hope they never make MM4.Quit while your ahead.The stories that I can imagine during the gaps in the films is enough...dont ruin it with 50 yr old hair weave Max.
Long Island, NY USA - Sunday, February 28, 1999 at 06:20:44 (EST)
MadMax is one of the best films produced. It is for all ages as it has cars major modified cars. I'm in the process of finding out how and how much it would to build a "Big Bopper" Max's Yellow car and the eventual mean machine the black v8 Interceptor so watch out.
Richard March <>
Great Britain - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 22:05:07 (EST)
BOONVILLE , NY USA - Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 14:31:47 (EST)
I like all the Mad Max Chronology. That's my favorite hobbie, seen Mad Max and The Road Warrior.
José R. Torres Ortiz <>
Coamo, P.R. 00769 - Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 10:36:18 (EST)
First of all, congrat's to Alex on a wonderfully designed site. Next, of course, congrats to Miller and productions on some great movies. I am a huge Mad Max fan. But, unlike everyone else that has posted here, my favortie film of the trilogy is first movie. Granted, The Road Warrior has more "umfh" to it, but I feel that the first film is darker and more inspirational than the rest. The third movie, I like it because Mel was in it, but that's about it. I have been searching for a replica of the leather jacket that Max wore in the first movie. If anyone knows of where I can find one, or the pattern to make one from, please e-mail me andd let me know the details. It would be greatly appreciated. Live life hard and drive even harder.
Joshua Smith <>
Concord, Ca U.S.A. - Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 10:31:23 (EST)
I seldom sign guestbooks, but I had to make a comment. This is a great site about some great movies. I actually find the first one almost too disturbing to watch any more. A Mad Max IV might have been a great thing, or a disaster, but on another site I read some remarks by MG that make me think he never had a clue what the character or the story were about. These are probably old comments, and he might say more thoughtful things today - but I found them disorienting (after all, who's likely to be "right" -whatever that means?). Thanks again for a great site.
Bob Riemersma <>
Haslett, MI USA - Saturday, February 20, 1999 at 04:55:01 (EST)
Thanks for the great web page. Road Warrior is my favorite movie of all time. its nice to see a web page with so much info.
Desiree Johnson <>
Burlington, VT USA - Friday, February 19, 1999 at 12:48:38 (EST)
As a graduate student in Creative Writing, I've come more and more to appreciate the solidity of these films as an ongoing saga. So often, movie sequals are merely poor additions or "second stories" rathan than the continuation of a greater theme. Your site perfectly captures what makes the Mad Max series work so well where others fail. Congrats and best wishes.
Lance <>
- Saturday, February 13, 1999 at 11:14:50 (EST)
Interesting web site makes for lots of trivia questions.
Jon the Bomber
Maine USA - Friday, February 12, 1999 at 13:29:03 (EST)
This series should have had more entries than the 007 movies. Same with the Terminator. It's not to late to turn out heaps of more GREAT entertainment. C'Mon Miller and Gibson, get a grip! I've seen your other movies! ...although "Braveheart" was near flawless...
Johnny H.
O.C., CA U.S. - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 22:43:59 (EST)
This series should have had more entries than the 007 movies. Same with the Terminator. It's not to late to turn out heaps of more GREAT entertainment. C'Mon Miller and Gibson, get a grip! I've seen your other movies! ...although "Braveheart" was near flawless...
Johnny H.
O.C., CA U.S. - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 22:43:09 (EST)
This series should have had more entries than the 007 movies. Same with the Terminator. It's not to late to turn out heaps of more GREAT entertainment. C'Mon Miller and Gibson, get a grip! I've seen your other movies! although "Braveheart" was near flawless...
Johnny H.
O.C., CA U.S. - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 22:42:44 (EST)
This series should have had more entries than the 007 movies. Same with the Terminator. It's not to late to turn out heaps of more GREAT entertainment. C'Mon Miller and Gibson, get a grip! I've seen your other movies!
Johnny H.
O.C., CA U.S. - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 22:41:06 (EST)
This series should have had more entries than the 007 movies. Same with the Terminator. It's not to late to turn out heaps of more GREAT entertainment. C'Mon Miller and Gibson, get a grip!
Johnny H.
O.C., CA U.S. - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 22:38:59 (EST)
Hey Jon from Spokane, I agree with you. But I think its to late. Gibson is older now, but could be believable for a flik set just before the events in MadMax 3 or, right after.
Johnny H. <>
Orange County, Ca. U.S.A. - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 22:30:03 (EST)
I think that Mad Max four should be set either between Mad Max 1 and Road Warrior, or right before Mad Max 1.
Spokane,, WA - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 13:03:48 (EST)
Although I am a young lad and was not alive when any of the films where made I think that the trilogy is the best thing I have ever seen (especially The Road Warrior)and to see a comment from Mel himself (Sept 98 if it really was him)is amazing, I enjoyed this site a lot ,thank you very much for all the hard work which has been put into this brilliant site
Mike Carpenter
Somerset, England - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 07:45:13 (EST)
The chase is better than the catch
USA - Wednesday, February 10, 1999 at 10:06:29 (EST)
Biggest Mad Max fan in Canada, I also own an interceptor, Mine is an x- R.C.M.P, highway interceptor, The last of the big blocks... 460 cubic inches pushing over 450 horses, I,ve had it up to 140MPH but shit my pants cause she still wanted to go.. For another awesome mad max site check this one out...
Chris <>
Winnipeg, Mb CANADA - Wednesday, February 10, 1999 at 05:49:42 (EST)
this is a wonderful page. there are 3 versions of mad max, the crappy american one with the shitty dubbing job,the australian version with everything in there its okay,and the directors cut that has the music cut out and a couple scenes are a little bit longer, the directors cut is more disturbing with the music gone and its just wonderful. road warrior is one of the best damn movies ever made and the best mad max. mad max 3 is a pathetic piece of shit and should have never been made, man this movie sucks!i hate those stupid kids and why is the gyro captain in this movie. and why did auntie let max live!?!?! if she was gonna go to all that trouble to catch him why did she not kill him! its makes no sense at all, i think since the movies this horrible why not give it a cool ending. if they make a 4 max better find another v-8 and it should be in the style the road warrior was. it should have ended with the road warrior. great page i love it ! thanx dude!
spachamadela <>
tishomingo, ms usa - Sunday, February 07, 1999 at 13:48:05 (EST)
Aaaaaaah.....the sound of that V8 Interceptor....especially when Max is leaving the refinery before it gets totalled.....nothing like cranking up the sound right at that point....What I'd really like to do is make a replica of the Toecutter's KZ1000.....I'd give even more to build an Interceptor, but here, in Wisconsin? Get real, it'd never happen....BUT, the Toecutter's bike, that's very possible, I've got the KZ....What I'd really like to do is find a full fairing like the one on his bike. If anyone has any info on where I might be able to get a fairing, email me....Pix to if you have 'em, send 'em....I need all the details I can get on this bike. "The Nightrider, that is his name. Remember him when you look at the night sky."
Phil Paulson <>
New Holstein, WI USA - Sunday, February 07, 1999 at 02:50:09 (EST)
MANDURAH, W.A AUSTRALIA - Friday, February 05, 1999 at 15:54:30 (EST)
Hey I just think that The Road Warrior is the best one, it had alot more vehicles than the others. Although I think that all the other ones rule too, thanks for your time. Buckshot
Ely, MN 55318 - Friday, February 05, 1999 at 09:22:15 (EST)
Hello, top site, I need help, Does any one know where I can get the correct front spoiler for Maxs yellow Interceptor? mine no longer exists and I need another 1, also if any one knows what the two tanks were in the 2nd film in the black car, we need some of these too.
Grant Hodgson <>
Perth, WA Australia - Friday, February 05, 1999 at 09:04:14 (EST)
I heard that if they do make a part 4, it won't be about Max. It will be about his son avenging his death! I think that this would suck....without Mel, it just ain't the same
Max <>
- Wednesday, February 03, 1999 at 17:44:04 (EST)
I hope Mad Max 4 is called "Mad Max 4" because most of the people i have talked to think that Thunderdome (the worst one) is the first Mad Max. Hopefully that title will make them remember the Nightrider...
Spokane , WA US of A - Monday, February 01, 1999 at 20:00:39 (EST)
Awesome Chronology! It very useful! I can't wait until a MM4 comes out; hopefully if it does it will talk about what happened to the Gyro Captain in MM2 and the CHildren from MM3.
Nomadic <>
Spokanr, WA 99208 - Monday, February 01, 1999 at 15:51:21 (EST)
Sound site, mate. Captain lone starr, 440cui? Sounds tasty!
Pat <>
England - Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 23:30:18 (EST)
If anyone would like music IN THE POST-APOCALYPTIC SENSE. Check out {Crust-metal} the band Amebix.
kurt eisele <>
springfield, oregon us - Friday, January 29, 1999 at 16:52:46 (EST)
C'mon Croatia, you know if MAX 4 is done right it can be a whole lotta fun for all. And these guys are obviously capable.
Johnny Aquaman <>
Brea, Calif USA - Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 16:16:23 (EST)
This is one cool site. I thought I knew a lot about Mad Max but this blows me away.
Shaun Pecore <>
Guelph, Ont Canada - Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 12:03:27 (EST)
"O.K., how the hell did you put this all together?" " It just happend Max, you know: a piece from here a piece from there". Well now this is a masterpiece of a page. I've read all the opinions and comments- I even answered a question from a guy (or girl? ) from the States, so I want to leave my mark. Firstly, I'm not a supporter of the 4th sequel. There are few reasons for that: 1. the great majority of us where just kids when the films were made (Thunderdome-That's excluded), so the films got a special magic that brings everything back. I gotta go now, but I'll be back, Big Brother Bronze!
Bero-open road drifter <>
Rijeka, Croatia - Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 04:58:23 (EST)
george miller is GOD. mel gibson is CHRIST.
chad the renegade <>
raleigh, NC USA - Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 11:49:25 (EST)
Great site, How about some info on the bikes. Like where I might find the body parts
Larry Stafford
summerville, SC USA - Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 04:36:16 (EST)
This sight pleases Mr. Roundheels.
Mr. Roundheels
Philadelphia, PA Ameri-fuckin'-ca - Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 04:12:49 (EST)
The best film i've ever seen . Gonna take it to the grave with me . Very nice site !
jerry aka. the goose <>
montreal, canada - Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 03:05:02 (EST)
You can run,but you can't hide!
The Hunter
USA - Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 05:48:36 (EST)
Just a big fan of the movies ( Road warrior my favorite )and very impressed with your page. I'm interested in merchandise and the possibilities of a fourth movie. What are the chances Keep up the good work!!!
Todd White <>
Lewistown , IL USA - Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 08:11:21 (EST)
Read alot of coments about the badguys from the first one but yet everyone's favorite seems to be the road warrior. You should be able to tell my fave from my addy.
Jason <>
Stow, OH USA - Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 08:51:11 (EST)
Mad Max is my hero! I need a jacket like Max, if anyone has any kind of memorabilia (stuff,for you kinders), THEN GIMMIE! I also like punk rawk, and am a Euro-Techpunk.
Dark Starr <>
Tacoma, WA USA ( we kick arse!) - Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 11:24:13 (EST)
I think Robert Hudson's idea for a Max 4 movie , (guestbook, Sept. 98) is a good basis. Write it up! Push it, push it, push it.
Johnny Hoyt A.K.A. Aquaman <>
Brea, ca us - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 18:32:07 (EST)
The moives are mind blowing! The story is great and the acters rule! Good site too!
PCrocker <>
Burlington, IA USA - Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 05:41:59 (EST)
I havent seen anything yet. Where is the party.
Gary J Gillett <>
Perth, WA Australia - Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 02:58:20 (EST)
Je me joins à vous pour témoigner de mon admiration devant cette trilogiee inégalable. Il semble qu'un Mad Max 4 soit en chantier. Confirmation?
Chavaudret <Dan>
Fontenay, France - Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 02:45:48 (EST)
Great site.The chronology really sorted out the Mad Max story.The site kicks ass!if anyone has the whereabouts of the one and only,true V-8 Interceptor PLEASE E-mail me!Also if anyone knows a place where you can buy the Interceptor model kit in the U.K or Ireland E-mail me.Thanx
Greg Ward <>
Dublin, Ireland - Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 07:47:12 (EST)
Excellent chronology! It really helps to tie the movies together, good job! My personal favorite of the 3 has got to be Mad Max 2/The Road Warrior, surely the best post-apocalypse (poccy-clypse?) film EVER!
Andrew Morgan <>
London, UK - Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 00:04:47 (EST)
I thought I was the only nut out there. It's great to see such a great movie get the respect it deserves. I hope a part IV is made because Thunderdome was such a disappointment. I felt it lacked the intensity of the first two. They tried too hard to be outrageous. Up to the battle scene with Blaster was good, but after that, it went downhill. I know Mel felt the same by comments he made. "I don't want to be making this film. It's just a piece of shit." I couldn't agree more. Come on IV. Love the sight Alex. If anyone knows where I can get the books, please e-mail me. I have been looking on and off for years. No one has them.
Max Rockatansky <>
N.Y. U.S.A. - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 03:58:32 (EST)
I visited yesterday, but can't find my entry! I am also a computor embryo..that is to say dumb! So another go today. Great site Alex. But here is the news.. The Black Interceptor is alive!, yes only the second pursuit special ever built can now be seen in almost complete status on Peter Bartons site. My car was worked on initialy buy the same bloke in the same workshop as the origional, way back in 1982.... and I have owned the car since then. For many years life got in the way of completing the project that I started oh so long ago. Just reciently I reaslised that life was no longer in the way but passing by, so if I did not get going and finish the project it just was not going to happen. Many thanks to Grant Hodgson, (owner of the Yellow Interceptor from MMax 1) Grant was the motivating force for the final complation of the project. The Interceptor is AWESOME to drive, people can't believe there eyes, everyone knows it, they run for cameras, call there mate's, the intrest is amazing. Sadly the Interceptor is not a Police favorite, and the car would be thrown of the road on sight. So it appears destined to sit in the West Australian motor museam at Whiteman park in Perth, with the exception of a few trips to WA's wanneroo race way for a bit of a drive. Believe me in real life it is just as awesome as on the screen. Please keep an eye out for "Gordon's Interceptor page" comming soon, In time posters, "T"shirts, and even a Video will be available. The world has not seen the Interceptor for 17 years, so stand back ..... It's Back. No-one expected this! Thanks to all of you who kept the sprit of this great car alive ......... Gordon Hayes, Perth, Australia
Gordon Hayes <Via Peter Barton site MM FAQ>
Perth, WA Australia - Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 14:29:34 (EST)
Hi Alex great site, I am now clost to completion with the Interceptor replica, or more correctly "Sister car" as my car was worked on buy the same guy (Errol Platt) in the same workshop as the origional, (back in 1982 I had the roof spoiler put on, Errol had a lot of info and pictures. Please see Peter Bartons site for pictures of the "Interceptor Alive" The car attracts HUGE attention (I can't drive it on the road, if the Police did not chuck me off the crowds would stop me!). People every where love the car and have been fantastic with there help on the project. Stand buy for a link page from Peter Bartons site to Gordon's interceptor page. Congratulations on keeping the sprit alive, Many thanks Gordon.
Gordon Hayes <***********>
perth , *** Australia - Saturday, January 09, 1999 at 20:35:40 (EST)
this is a great site im a big fan .thanx
mr. may swazie <>
muscoda, wi usa - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 08:38:09 (EST)
NinjaKingRei <>
bartertown, 789 usa - Monday, January 04, 1999 at 12:39:13 (EST)
I think Mad Max is the 3rd best trilogy in the world!! Your site kicks!
Shane Stape <>
Mesa, AZ USA - Saturday, January 02, 1999 at 06:49:41 (EST)
Mad Max is truly an inspiration to me and is by far the best film ever made.C'mon Mel pull your finger out and lets see Mad Max IV at the cinema's for your Aussie fans...
Sydney, N.S.W Australia - Friday, January 01, 1999 at 18:22:24 (EST)

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